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Top Ten Tuesday is a section where I show you some top 10 books about a topic. This was created by The Broke and the Bookish. Is a fun list and easy way to share experiences or opinions about some books.

Mythology I’ve read or I want to read

This is my first Top 10 Tuesday and I got ‘Freebie’ Yay!? I love mythology. I really do. And when a book has something related to any sort of mythology I am really interested in it. So I thought I could do a list of different mythologies I’ve read or I want to read.

Greek/Roman Mythology. This mythology is in lots of books but I really love it. It’s so interesting,but I think I will say this in all of them.

Egyptian Mythology. I’ve only read one book with this mythology and it was really good! I want to read more!

Norse Mythology. Again,I’ve read only one book and it doesn’t focus that much in this mythology. However it was enough to make me curious about it and I want to know/read more in books with it!

Celtic Mythology. I think I’ve read a few books with it and I really enjoyed them!

Japanese Mythology. I can’t think of any book I’ve read with it. It would be interesting…

Slavic Mythology. Definitely haven’t read about this but I want to.

Hindu Mythology. Other one that’d be interesting to read about.

Mesopotamian Mythology. Never heard of a book about it.

Persian Mythology. 


Inca Mythology


As you can see,I ended up with all these mythologies after a little research. As I said at the beginning I love mythologies and myths although I don’t know that much about them.

Let me know if you like mythology or know about any of these. I hope you liked this short list but for me interesting to do!



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