Top 10 books in my Spring TBR | Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday is a section where I show you some top 10 books about a topic. This was created by The Broke and the Bookish. Is a fun list and easy way to share experiences or opinions about some books.

You might be asking why I wrote Spring and that’s because where I live,Spring is coming and the last day of winter has been very windy and cold.

Siege and Storm. I read Shadow and Bone and really liked it so I’m hoping to read this soon.

Poison Princess. I heard great things about this trilogy (I think?) and I’m very corious about it.

Fighting Destiny. I saw this book one day in goodreads and it has a really good rating (4.17/5 stars) so I want to read it.

Written in Red. I first saw this book in booktube,and they were saying that this book is so good. Then I searched it in Goodreads and it has a really good rating (4.34/5 stars) Sooo, I said ‘I have to read this’.

Elite. Fun story: I read the blurb of the third book and really liked it. Then I started searching about the book and saw that it was the third book. Then I read the blurb of the first book and liked it so,why not?

I know,this isn’t the best cover.

Angelfall. This book is everywhere but I was waiting until the third book was released. I think I can marathon this trilogy now.

The Immortal Rules. I first saw this book in booktube. It was one of the fav trilogies of a booktuber and a friend is going to read it too.

Stray.This year for me has been a ‘series year’ in the bookish world. I think this serie might be good. If anyone has read it please give me your opinion.

Angel’s Blood Other series that seems good. Again,if anyone has read it,please tell me what you think about it.

The Faerie Guardian Last in this list but not in my TBR. Creepy Hollow series.


I’d love to know your opinion in any of these books as your top ten TBR.



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