Slay That Series TBR

SLay That Series TBR

The aim of this readathon is fairly simple – all you need to do is try to “slay” all those series you’ve been neglecting!

☺ Chami | ReadLikeWildFire:…
☺ Sara | sarawithoutanH:

☼ INFO ☼
☞ Dates: September 27 – October 4
☞ Twitter: @SlayThatSeries
☞ Hashtag: #slaythatseries
☞ FAQ:

✎ read as little or as much as you want – we want this readathon to be chill and pressure-free!
✎ finish as many series as you can, whether that means reading the last book in three different trilogies or marathoning a seven book series – it’s up to you!
✎ no standalones or short stories – the goal is to focus on your neglected series 🙂
✎ have fun and SLAAAAY!


What are the dates for this readathon?
This readathon has a seven day duration. It begins midnight on Sunday the 27th of September and finishes at 11:59pm on Sunday the 4th of October.

Can I read a series that I haven’t started?
Of course you can! The main aim is to finish a series. It doesn’t matter if you have started it or not, as long as you finish the whole thing by the end of the readathon, you’ve successfully completed it!

Can I complete more than one series?
Yeah, go right ahead. If you have one more book to go for two different series, then slay them both! That way, you’ve hit two birds with one stone. It’s completely up to you how many series you focus on completing!

Can I read a book in a series that is not completed?
This is a tricky one. As we said before, the main aim of this Readathon is to finish all the series that you have been neglecting and you can’t finish a series that hasn’t been completed. That being said, you are not prohibited from reading up to most new released book within the series. So yes, you can!

(This is part of the FAQ. Find all the questions here)

I just knew about this read-a-thon. This year I’ve been reading (and loving) lots of series so why not? I don’t know how much I’ll be able to read because is my first week coming back to school (if you didn’t know this week were my one-week- holiday) but I’ll try to do my best!

My TBR is:


The Grisha Trilogy

Ruin and Rising

Poison Princess

Endless Knight

This might change because I’m so bad with TBR. I end reading what I feel but I’ll try to read series or finish them. I would love to know if you join and which books did you choose for this read-a-thon!



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