The Blogger Recognition Award!

br_awardThanks to Rachana from Addicted to YA for nominating me! I’m so happy! 😀


1. Select 15 other blogs to give the award to. You might have to do some searching, but you can find those blogs. You can’t nominate yourself or the person who nominated you.

2. Make a post to show off your award! Talk about how your blog got started and give some advice to the other bloggers out there. And share the fancy picture!

3. Comment on each blog to let the blogger know that you have nominated them.

4. Link to the original post at Edge of Night that way anyway can find the original guidelines and such.

How this blog got started:

If you don’t know I have a bookstagram account. I think everything started there. When my love for books became more and more strong and important in my life I think I searched about things of them, and other books. Then I discovered that there were these communities of people who love books but I actually don’t remember this,I suppose it was that way.

With my IG account, I found Goodreads, and I was amazed by this social media (and I’m still amazed and I love Goodreads so much). Then when I found about booktube, I started watching videos and then made my own booktube channel. I saw in IG and Goodreads some blogs and the idea was in my mind for some time but I wasn’t sure about it. One day I just was like ‘why not?’ so I decided to create this blog. I started searching about all this and here I am. It was a process.

When I started to think that my own blog can and would be real I just got very excited planning everything. I’m really amazed by this community because its so warm and welcoming. I really like writing my posts and create ideas for them. I wanted to have reviews, tags, everything in a place I could call ‘my place’.


Well, I’m pretty new in the blogosphere and I don’t think I could give many good advices but I’ll do my best.

  1. Appearance:

This was one of the first things I wanted to learn and that I wanted to have in my blog. I don’t know a lot about how to edit the appearance of a blog in a professional way. I just learned the basics just to have something that I liked and that maybe others could like. I try to do my best. You don’t need to be a professional designer or anything for this,you can search in google and you’ll find the basics. Why I wanted a good appearance? Because,personally, is the first thing I look in a blog. I mean, when you enter in a blog, the first thing you see is how it looks, not its content, or how nice is the owner or anything. I’m sorry but its the truth and I feel more attracted to blogs with good appearance than to others that don’t have that good appearance. Be careful, a good appearance doesn’t mean good content or viceversa. Again,remember that I am not really good in editing appearances or with designs.

2. Write what you like:

The second thing that I thought about when I was planning my blog was: What would I like to have on it? For me, it was clear that it’d be a book blog. But the book world is really big. So I just had to search and select some things that I liked and I thought it would be fun to write about. I’m still working in this.

I think for now these are my advices. Again, I haven’t been in the blogoshpere for a long time and I don’t think I can give lots of advices. Anyway, I hope I’ll be part of the blogosphere for a long time.

I nominate:

Thanks for reading!

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