10 Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me | Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday is a section where I show you some top 10 books about a topic. This was created byThe Broke and the Bookish. Is a fun list and easy way to share experiences or opinions about some books.

I love today’s topic! Let’s get into it.

  1. A room full of books. All the books I want, there, to look, smell, feel them.

      2. To have unlimited amount of money to spend in books FO-RE-VER.

3. I want to be able to bring to life as many characters as I want.

4. Be able to travel to bookish worlds.

5. Cheaper Books!!!! Why books are so expensive?!

6. A boyfriend like a book character, am I asking for an imposible thing?

7. I’d love to know bloggers/booktubers in person!

8. More and better books to movie/ books to TV show adaptations!

9. I want to have more bookish merch/things! (Clothes,bookmarks,toys,whatever related to books)

10. I want to have the opportunity to go to as many bookish events as I want, like signings,expos,etc. (There I would meet book authors so 2 in 1)


This was an amazing list to do! I usually don’t post gifs of any kind but I just wanted to do this post more entertaining. I would love to know your ten wishes!



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