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23348193The Ruby Iyer Diaries (Ruby Iyer 0.5)

The prequel to The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer: This is a peek into the soul of an angry, young girl, who will come of age in a city on the verge of total annihilation.

Goodreads link.

Pages: 22
Published: September 2nd 2015 (first published September 21st 2014)
Edition language: English
Author: Laxmi Hariharan

The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer (Ruby Iyer #1)

When her best friend is kidnapped, Ruby will stop at nothing to rescue him.

Criminals run the streets of Bombay. Jam-packed with the worst degenerates. The city is a shell of the pride and joy it used to be.

Ruby knows something must be done, but it isn’t until her best friend is kidnapped by the despotic Dr. Braganza that she knows that she and she alone must save city, save her best friend, save the world from total destruction.

Armed only with with Vikram, a cop-turned-rogue they are about to embark on a road they may never return from.

Goodreads link.

Pages: 272
Published: first published November 5th 2014
Edition language: English
Author: Laxmi Hariharan

(I was provided copy of both books in exchange of honest reviews)

Stars(The Ruby Iyer Diaries)

It was a great start to know and understand more the main character, Ruby. It also made me think about my parents and how sometimes we don’t realize how lucky we really are.


(The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer)

*3.5-4/5 stars*

First of all, great dystpian world.
Second, I think it was good for me to read first The Ruby Iyer Diaries because while I was reading The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer it was easier to understand Ruby and I knew more things that helped me to understand the story. So, my recommendation is: read The Ruby Iyer Diaries first, and then go into this book.
The Ruby Iyer Diaries are short stories from Ruby as a child and how was her life and family before The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer.

Now, into the review.

The writing:
I liked it but sometimes it was a bit confusing. This story is all from Ruby’s POV, which was great because Ruby was not an easy character to understand but I wanted to know what Vikram was thinking, I wanted to be in his mind. I know the next book has his name on it so I’m hoping its something from his POV. I want to be in his mind.

The Story:
At first I wasn’t into it. I think this story had a great development. I would give the start a 3/5 stars, the middle of the book 3.5/5 stars and then from the middle to the end 4/5 stars.
Now that I’m writing this I just realised that this book leaves you with lots of questions, things that happened but you don’t know why, and you will want to know why.
I didn’t expect some supernatural things that happens.
I liked the story, it was a great end of the world-dystopian book. Control people, taking control of the city, just another day in normal life. Yes,sarcasm, I love it. It has a bit of romance, that I really liked the way its developed its like really slow but at the same time intense. You just want both characters to be together but no! You will wait..and wait…and wait…
And this book has something for family problems.

The Characters:
•Ruby: She is complicated. She has all this anger inside her waiting to meet the world but she is sarcastic and sweet sometimes but she fears and doesn’t knows love so you can understand her. That doesn’t mean that you won’t want to hit her sometimes.
•Vikram: Men are complicated or that’s what most women say and Vikram is complicated. I didn’t know what was he thinking most of time and he has all these mixed actions like kind but sarcastic, and he is really smart.
I’ve said this before but I loved the relationship between Ruby and Vikram and I can’t wait to read more of them together.
•Dr B: WHAT?! Really? She is mad.

This is a good dystopian book with action and romance that keeps you wanting to read more, to find out what is really going on.
I really want to continue this story!


Quotes: (from the Many Lives of Ruby Iyer)

Life is the true killer.

Do you know what it’s like to want love, but to be terrified of it at the same time?

I keep going through it all. One step in front of the other. Isn’t this what life is about? Living, just one second at a tim. To keep going- a hop, a skip and a jump forward.

Everything is so simple, isn’t it? When you live in the moment, not worrying about the future or the past, everything simply falls into place. Into the now.

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