Top Ten Book Related Things I’m Grateful For | Top 10 Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday is a section where I show you some top 10 books about a topic. This was created byThe Broke and the Bookish. Is a fun list and easy way to share experiences or opinions about some books.

Hello everyone! Today I’m bringin a list of book related things I’m grateful for.


Books! Of Course! We all share this passion and love for books. For the worlds,characters,experiences,messages they have. How one book can change your perspective, your life.


Blogosphere! I’ve been just a few months in this community but I really love it! It’s very welcoming and nice,you feel part of it from the beginning. And you get to know authors,books and people from all the world!


Bookstagram! I’ve been in the bookstagram community for more than a year. Now I’m in a little break,waiting until I want to post again (that I feel will be soon) but I enjoy so much seeing bookish pictures. It’s a way to get creative, show beautiful covers and love for books!


Booktube! I was part of the booktube community for a while and it was so welcoming! I loved being a booktuber and hopefully one day I’ll get into it again! I still watch booktube videos, and I love watching them, I have favorites booktubers. It’s one of the easiest ways to get to know new books.


Authors. Books without authors wouldn’t exist. So, thanks authors for creating one of our passions: books.


ARCs/Review copies. I love getting ARCs/Review copies. Its a way to get books and review them. I have to thank NetGalley and Authors/Publishers who consider little book bloggers like me, to get their books reviewed.


Fandom stuff. Who doesn’t love posters,T-shirts,mugs,pins, anything and everything book related? I definitely do! Bookish merch is ust so good!


Book events. I’ve never been in one because they doesn’t exist in my country but they exist in others. And its amazing! I hope one day I’ll be able to go to one!


I think this should be a little above but I’m too lazy to change everuything. I’m thankful for my BOOK BOYFRIENDS ♥ I have lots of book boyfriends and I love them all ♥ 😀 (And nope, I don’t have a real boyfriend, but I have lots of fictional boyfriends, that’s totally okay)


And I’m thankful for everyone who reads/likes/comments/follow my blog. It means a lot to me and I love sharing my passion for books with everyone!



2 respuestas a “Top Ten Book Related Things I’m Grateful For | Top 10 Tuesday

  1. Aw this is a great list! I’m so thankful for BookTube. Although I don’t participate in it, it’s really inspiring for us bloggers. It’s what got me into reading! AND YES. BOOK BOYFRIENDS ARE A MUST. Particularly, Chaol Westfall, Finnick Odair, and Percy Jackson. In case I don’t stop by, happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate)!

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