Review: Harder (English)



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28018902Nothing can get under his skin. Except for me.

Jackson Cooper used to be a tough kid. Now he’s a hard man – gorgeous, sculpted by his Army service and hungry for me.

He’s also my fucking stepbrother. And I can’t keep my hands off of him.

He’s everything I ever wanted. And everything I can never have.

Not only am I engaged to marry the biggest prick in the world, the guy has me in a stranglehold. Not even Jackson’s iron fists can solve this little fucking problem I created for myself. There’s no running from the thugs who own this boondocks town.

But it’s my fuck-up, so I’ll deal with it, right? Wrong. My captor doesn’t just want my hand, he wants everything. And I’m going to have to give it all up. Including Jackson.

Why did he have to come back? It would have been so much easier without him here.

Now things are fucked up as hell.

And I can’t help but want them to be harder.

This is a standalone novel with a HEA ending and no cheating. Violence and steam go hand in hand in this book. If that’s too much for you, maybe you need something softer.

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Pages: 200

Published: November 28th 2015


A sexy, sweet, with action, short, easy to read story.

The Writing:
The writing is good. We read from two POVs: Jessica & Jackson. This is great because one side of the story would be incomplete.

The Story:
The story isn’t ‘something you have never seen before’ but who doesn’t like to read a story with action + romance + sexy time?
I liked how these characters were together when they were teenagers and now, both adults they try to be together. I say try because their story is really really complicated.
They live in this town where this father and son rule because they are rich. And they are bad people too. They do bad things and they are the main problem of everything.
Many things happen through the book and then the end comes. It was good too.
Overall, as I have said many times a good story with good romance, many and good action scenes and sexy scenes too. Its not something unexpected or never seen before but it’s really enjoyable anyway.

The Characters:
•Jessica: I liked her. I didn’t love her. She made what she thought it was the right thing. She doesn’t have things easy but she tries.
•Jackson: A veteran. Loved him. So sweet, sexy and brave. He doesn’t say much but he means what he says. He is honest and real.
•Eric and Andrew Martins: The bad guys. Hate them.
•Johnny and Alfred: Other characters that were in the story. Johnny seemed to be a great bestfriend but we don’t get to see much of him.

I recommend this book for people with 15 years old or more (because sexy scenes, you know) that like action and romance.



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