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a bit witchy

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25933150Eighteen year old Lena Ashlen is in the middle of an identity crisis, and the people in her life aren’t helping. Half of her school thinks she’s crazy while the other half has no idea she even exists. Her father and stepmother barely see her through the bottom of their wine glasses, and her only friends are guardian angels who are terrible cheats when it comes to poker. The only constants in her life are her obsessive crushes on both chocolate and Glenn Storm. In between losing her bra, her pride, and her best friend, Lena has no idea how she’ll survive her senior year.

When guardian angels begin disappearing and everyone thinks she’s to blame, Lena becomes trapped in a case of mistaken identity. But when Glenn and his chaotic family offer to help her find out the truth, she’s forced to ask herself whether she’s the one who’s mistaken. In between the lies and secrets of a past life gone bad, Lena soon learns that if she’s ever going to prove they have the wrong girl, she’s going to need to find the bit of witchiness inside us all.

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Pages: 268

Published: September 14th 2015


(4.2 stars)

This is a fast paced, fun, entertaining read.

The Writing:
I liked the writing. It was clear and made the book easy and fast paced. We read all from Lena’s POV.

The Story:
Okay so, I didn’t remember the synopsis but I was like ‘ A Bit Witchy. Witches, okay, got it ‘ ha ha ha I was totally wrong. I don’t know why I supposed that. And as you might understand I started the book knowing anything ( I tend to do this because I enjoy books a lot more, the surprise plot is a plus).
This is a book that has a mix of angels, kind of bad angels, a crazy family with awesome boys, love and lot of humor. I laughed many times with this book and that was really really great.
I feel/know in this book we don’t get to see what the characters are capable of and I really really want to see that. This is the beginning of a story, we should see how this continues.
I loved the romance in here. This hasn’t any love triangle, you don’t have that pressure. The romance is refreshing, for me at least it was. It was fun and sweet to read. Just teenagers in love, and I’m a teenager and I love to read this.
This has many twist and unexpected surprises. Other plus this book had was that I was always wondering ‘Okay she can trust him/her, she/he is with the ‘good guys’ and a few lines later I was thinking ‘ No, she can’t trust him/her, she/he is with the bad guys’ and this happened lots of times and with many characters. And I loved it, it all felt so unsure and you were all the time thinking about it and wanted answers so, you keep reading.

The Characters:
•Lena: She has some character development through this book but I’m sure she has more to give, do and demostrate. I like her humor and how she is Lena and doesn’t pretends anything.
•Glenn: Such a sweetheart. I loved him. Funny and protective.
•The Storm Family (Glenn’s family): I loved them. They were soo funny and all the boys are just perfect. A great book family.
•Bacca, Tristan, Semper, Richard: All these characters were part of the story. I think they will be a great support for Lena in the future and that’s why I’m writing about them.

A story full of humor, angels, and romance kind of from-one-life-to-another-destined but refreshing at the same time, some questions we don’t have an aswer yet and futures badass characters.



“We are each of us angels with only one wing and we can only fly by embracing other” -Luciano De Crescenzo

“Stick and stones don’t break bones b]t they still hurt like shit.”

“For once , just don’t think. Live. Fall in love. Get your heart broken. Fall in love again. Ignore your fears and just be happy…”

-“Why? I don’t know. Maybe because I have more issues than Playboy and more baggage than baggage claim.

-We all have baggage, Lena. I just want to be the one to help you unpack.”

About the author:

Danielle is a writer, a reader, and a lover of everything covered in cheese. When she’s not adding books to her “Want to Read” list on Goodreads, she’s trying to corral her three daughters into a semi-normal life in Bel Air, Maryland. She shares this insanity with her incredibly patient husband, her favorite black, golden retriever, an occasional snake, mouse, and a family of squirrels. The latter 3 live in the attic, but she counts them anyway.

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