Bullet Journal: My Start!


Hello everyone!

I’m going to tell you a short story:

I’ve always wanted a planner but every time I was going to buy it we were in March and I wanted to have it since the beginning of the year. This year I started this blog and with post I have to do in a specific days + review deadlines I need something to keep track of everything and be organized. So I decided to buy a planner and when I investigated about them I discovered a whole world I had no idea  about. Lyouts, supplies, color coding it was a lot but I loved everything. Then, one day I read The Beauty of Being an Organized Human post by Josie’s Book Corner. It’s a great post and you should totally read it! There she introduced to me the idea of Bullet Journaling. I started to investigate what was that because I had no idea. I discovered another whole world of organization. I decided to try it.

This video will explain a little bit more and its where everything starts, but keep reading this post too! 😀

If you want to find more about Bullet Journaling, you should check the official website here.

My experience:

I’ve not used it yet. What I have been doing is investigate and buy everything I need. I also been doing some layouts, thinking about what might work for me. I’m really excited for this journey. Maybe you are wondering: ‘what happened with the planner?’ My love for planners is still there, of course. And I have the one I bought and I can use in any year. I need to see what works for me and then decide.

Why I decided to go first with bullet journal?

I think is more flexible than a planner. You use it how it workd for you. You can change from one month to other your layouts, color, features, everything. You can get really creative with bullet journaling. There are awesomes layouts with draws, lettering and if you like art its a great way to include it. BUT, it’s not a must thing for bullet journal. There are others who don’t have time/don’t like/can’t/ or whatever reason that don’t draw. They just write whatever they want/need. That is the purpose of bullet journaling: do what works for you. Last but not least, you don’t need anything expensive. With a notebook and a pen it’ll work.

My Bullet Journal

This is how I started. You can take ideas or not. It’s my first experience with bullet journal EVER so I’m not really good at it (or drawing)  but you have to start somewhere right?

This is what I have so far. Maybe while I’m in the month and using it I might add other features or things I need.


This is how it looks in the outside. It’s just a random notebook. I’ll cover it with some pretty paper or something. I’ll also add an elastic band to hold it together kind of close it.


This is my dashboard. It has different post it as you can see.


This is the first page. Just a Year-at-a-glance.


Then, there are these pages. I will write birthdays and important events. Its an easier way to look at those of them than searching through the pages.


And the good thing about Bullet Journaling it can be or not all about organization. I decided to post this list of things for 2016, there are lots of them around the internet  but I found this in Pinterest.


This is my monthly tracker. Just a way to keep track of some things I do. There are others layouts for the same thing. I didn’t want lots of things to keep track because for me it would be too much.


And this is the layout I chose for January. In January I’m on holidays (no school yay!) and I don’t have lots of things to do so I thought just a monthly layout would be enough. I’m planning for March (when I start school again) to do a weekly layout because that will have enough space but not too much. As you can see I add some quotes and draws (pretty bad but idc).


Last, I have this Month Review where I will write/draw things that happened in the month.

My Inspiration

If you are interested, Pinterest it’s a great source for everything. This is my acc and here is my Bullet Journal Board. It’s a great way to get inspiration and you can find amazing things. You can search (in Pinterest too) Bullet Journal, Bullet Journal Ideas, Bullet Journal Layouts, Lettering, there are tons of things you can search and find! (My board is small but I’m trying to add more pins!)

Other place where I get inspiration is this amazing facebook group: Bullet Journal Junkies, there you can find lots of inspiration/ideas, you can ask whatever you want about this and people answer you, they share their BuJos, it’s a great group.

Of course, Youtube and Tumblr have inspiration too. Its just a big big community whre you just have to search and find whatever you want.


I’m not a professional in this. As I said before, I’ve just started but I wanted to share my thoughts and little experience with you.

I would love to know if you use a planner or a bullet journal or maybe you are thinking to start using one. I would love to hear your thoughts about this post.

I might do an update of my bullet journal in a couple of months, how it works for me, what I like, what I don’t, other links I find useful, planner, etc.

Thank you so much for reading this long post! 😀



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    1. Thank you!! I just bought them in different stores and made my little collection. You definitely should do it and make it work for you! I’m excited to do my update post because I’ve been working on my journal. I can’t wait you to see it and I can’t wait to know how it goes for you! 😀

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