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This is my stop during the book blitz for Sparked (Metal Bones #1) by Sheena Snow. This book blitz is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The book blitz runs from 16 till 22 December, you can view the complete blitz schedule on the website of Lola’s Blog Tours.

SparkedSparked (Metal Bones #1)
by Sheena Snow
Genre: Science Fiction
Age category: Young Adult
Release Date: 16 December, 2015

They weren’t supposed to have feelings.

Metal will Clash
In a not-too-distance future, robots composed of metal for bones, electric cords for veins, and synthetics for skin are now available. For purchase. Eighteen-year-old Vienna Avery’s home is going to change forever, now that her mom purchased an Italian Chef Robot to cook and reside in their house.

Secrets will Unfold
The government claimed robots were indifferent, unthinking pieces of metal and elastic—assistance for the help of humans. Vienna never believed much of what the government said. The pieces didn’t always fit. And now Vienna knows why, because she’s uncovered the government’s secret: that robots have emotions, sucking Vienna into the underground world of feeling, thinking, and sovereign robots.

Sparks will Fly
Alec Cypher is everything a robot is not supposed to be: deep, dark, and dangerously human. And for some reason, he wants to save Vienna from the government’s prying, vindictive eyes. Going forward, Vienna will have to learn to trust robots and battle the growing feelings she never thought possible . . . feelings for the green-eyed, soul-searching robot named Alec.

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*I was given a copy in exchange of a honest review*


This is a fantastic sci-fi YA, easy to read and full of action and romance.

The Writing:
I loved how this was written. It was easy to read and really fast paced. I read the 317 pages in one day. Its all in Vienna’s POV however I would love to read a short-not-so-short story/POV from Alec. Towards the end of the book there are these chapters that are one page or less, with words, if you read this book (which you totally should) you will see, were great and refreshing from the long-we-are-used-to chapters.

The Story:
I loved it. I think everyone who liked Cinder by Marissa Meyer would like this book.
This book has a world where robots are living with humans. But what happens when robots have feelings? When they feel things, emotions? That makes them humans?
So this book goes through these questions and shows how one person can change all he/she belives.
It has an amazing romance. I liked how is not rushed. It takes time. It was slowly beautiful burning but not too slow to be screaming like ‘come on,action plase’.
It has good action scenes. And survival scenes too. In one part, all the limits are tested,all fears and mind games come to life.
And of course, robots. I haven’t read lots of books with robots and in this book, they are main protagonists. And I loved it.
It also leaves many questions so… I want the next book!

The Characters:
•Vienna: At the beginning I wasn’t sure about her but now I really like her. She is strong, fights for what she wants and believes.
•Alec: He is so sweet and kind of broken. He has done bad things but now he realises that. He loves and protects Vienna everytime. He is patient with her but not scared to show his feelings, to show her that he wants him.
•The relationship between Vienna and Alec is so beautiful! I can’t wait too read more.
•Bonnie: Aw, she was so sweet. And she has all this pain inside her. I can’t wait to see more of her relationship with Vienna.
•Peach,Bear,Kyle: Part of the squad. We get to see a little about them. I want more scenes from all the squad, all together.

Fascinating, fast, easy read with unexpected events and sweet relationships.


“Sometimes you don’t click, no matter how hard you try.”

“It’s the simple truths that sting the most.”

“There’s pain in everything. With every choice and every decision you make, pains comes with it.”

Sheena Snow

About the Author:
Sheena Snow, contrary to her name, lives in South Florida and has only seen snow once. But she would love for it to land on her eyelashes and sparkle in her hair. She loves painting, candle making, orchid shows, tattoo conventions, hockey games and library book sales! After college she landed a full time job but kept serving pizza on the weekends and writing stories about characters she wished really existed, characters who never gave up no matter the obstacles life threw at them. At the age of twenty-six, she sold her first book and bought her very first puppy, a wonderful Yorkie named Aladdin.

You can find and contact Sheena here:


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