Review: Spin The Love


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26848202It was supposed to be a game to heat up their summer—not ruin their lives.

Sixteen-year-old Whispy Callahan lands in trouble thicker than Florida’s humidity when she plays a twisted game of Dare. Everything would have been fine if she hadn’t fallen for one of the player’s “targets” along with dredging up buried murderous tendencies. Forget the game—now Whispy needs to find her boyfriend’s murderer, but that might prove difficult since everyone thinks she’s insane. They could be right.

Pages: 192

Published: September 30th 2015

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*I recived a copy of this book in exchange of a honest review*

(Sorry is a bit too long :D)


Really really liked this book.

The Writing:
The writing was great. Easy to read. Chapters not too long, not too short. This, for me was an easy fast read, just in a day, few hours but so enjoyable. And at the end of each chapter there is something form Whispy’s grandmother (I hope I’m not wrong but anyway it’s a relative who ‘gave’ her her name) diary, a few sentences related to what Whispy was living. It was good, something different but at the same time I’m not really sure of the reason they are there.

The Story:
Wow. So many emotions, the feels. This is what I felt during the book, happy, sad, frustrated, angry, WHAT?, cry-right-now,love. It was just so much.
At the beginning and then through the middle of the books I was like ‘okay, this still is a romantic story, not many ups, not many downs and meh’ but then you are getting to the end of the book and ha! Yes, I ended up being crazy because I didn’t expect that. There are a few things that I didn’t expect and there is always this atmosphere of mystery but it isn’t the main thing and you get bits of it and then you realise it’s everything. When you know the things is really good.THE END! God, that was SO good. It makes you re-think everything in this book, question everything and then, bum! The end, just leaves you wanting more.
I loved the family feels that are in these books.

The Characters:
•Whispy: I really really liked her. Her personality, she was honest and she had her issues but I think when she loves one, she gives and does all she can. She really loves and cares.
•Teddy: At the beginning I liked him and then I disliked him and then hated him. I’m so sad this character turned out as he did, I mean not because it was anything wrong from the author, it’s just those people who get lost and never find their way back.
•EJ: I loved him. I want to find my own EJ. He was so sweet and good and caring and I want one of his hugs. I really really do. Since the first one, how it was described it leaves you wanting to hug someone you care and I want a hug from him. #sorrynotsorryatall He was so perfect ♥
•Dad and Daddy: Lovely parents. They cared so much and tried everything.
I liked that Whispy knew how much their parents tried, that they were really good and she appreciated them. She tried to not be mad with them. And that’s totally something I can understand. I could identify with her at some points in this realtionship and that was great.
The relationship between EJ & Whispy was so beautiful, again I want that. I would love to read more of that relationship.
And again, sad that the relationship between Teddy and Whispy ended up like that. Such a beautiful friendship destroyed.

A fast easy read, with beautiful and not so beautiful realtionships, great romance, unexpected secrets and a past that can change everything.


“Denial is for fools.
Our heads are reeling.
Throat is aching.
Chest is stinging.
Heart is breaking.
Spirit is shaken.”

“I’ll do everything that I can now. We can do nothing after we’re dead.”

About the author:

Lisa Terry lives in the south, riding the state lines of Florida and Alabama. She has enough animals to call it a small farm, so she’s either insane or caring. Or insanely caring. She’s a print news reporter, an editor, and an aspiring Hogwarts student. On any given day, you can find Lisa playing video games, sitting on the beach, or organizing pet pageants. She gave up on fitting in a long time ago and now is fine with being called a walking contradiction. Lisa writes Young Adult and New Adult: contemporary, thriller, mystery, horror and paranormal.



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