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17453516Chelsea’s hottie Blake Morgan III has reemerged from a nasty breakup. His marriage was a frigid disaster beyond repair, and he vows to be single—forever. Bruised, but still hot in Prada, he creates his Seven Desires wish list, his sexiest imaginings. Blake soon realizes there’s only one man he may trust to make these uninhibited intentions come to fruition: his best friend Miguel Santana.

Lower East Side multimedia artist extraordinaire Miguel Santana may be known as the cocky Latin stud in the city, but all he’s wanted since college was Blake’s hand in marriage. He was livid when Blake walked down the aisle with the wrong guy. Miguel has his own list titled the Seven Needs, which are quite contrary to Blake’s dirty-boy deeds. They involve serious commitments, which may leave his new-to-the-singles-scene buddy sprinting for the door, destroying any hopes Miguel has for happiness.

Can these two hunks conquer their intimate fears and love one another as only best friends can? Join the star-studded cast in The Manhattanites series and see for yourself!

Reading the previous books in this series is suggested. Reader might have difficulty following the story if approached as a standalone.

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*I recived a copy from Netgalley in exchange of a honest review*


One of the things I can say about Avery Aster’s books is that, at least for me, are easy fast reads.

The writing:
It was okay. We read from lots of POVs. You coninue the story from Undressed. Maybe I didn’t like to read that much from Lex’s POV.

The Story:
One of the best things is that you get to read more from the characters you saw in Undressed. And that’s great for me, following their stories.
This has some mystery, I don’t know if you could call that but there is this big secret that you want to know to understand the story and characters. And that makes you want to keep reading until you find out.
It’s nothing out of this world but this was an entertaining, fun and sweet read.
I loved the acceptance feeling this book gave me, how people heal but its not easy and you see that. You see love and that’s really sweet.

The Characters:
Blake: He was so sweet. I really really liked him.
Miguel: I loved this character because I’m Latin and I loved reading him. Loved reading Spanish. He was really supportive and loved Blake soo much.
The relationship between them is just beautiful. They’ve waited so long, have been friends for so long, and got through many things.
Lex and Masi: We continue to reading them and their love story.
Then we have all the friends, the squad too. They are a great group of friends. They help and support each other, they are honest and don’t hesitate to say what they think. Is simply great.

This book has lots of sexual content, sweet romance and stories. I would recommend this book for 17 year old people or more.


“Bella,life changes. It moves forward, and together, we’ll make the best of it Si?”

About the author:

I’m a New Yorker who lives on the Upper East Side. I write THE MANHATTANITES, a contemporary romantic soap opera of full length, stand alone novels, and it’s juicy prequel companion series THE UNDERGRAD YEARS.

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