Review: Fooling Around With Cinderella


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26870223What happens when the glass slippers pinch Cinderella’s toes? When Jaine Andersen proposes a new marketing role to the local amusement park, general manager Dylan Callahan charms her into filling Cinderella’s glass slippers for the summer. Her reign transforms Jaine’s ordinary life into chaos that would bewilder a fairy godmother. Secretly dating her bad boy boss, running wedding errands for her ungrateful sisters, and defending herself from the park’s resident villain means Jaine needs lots more than a comfy pair of shoes to restore order in her kingdom. First in the Storybook Valley series, a blend of sweet romance, chick lit, and fairy tale fun.

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This was a fast easy and sweet sweet read.

The Writing:
The writing was good. We read all the time from Jaine’s POV. It would be great to read something from Dylan’s POV too.

The Story:
This is a ‘kind of’ retelling. You get the obvious details. She acts as Cinderella in Storybook Valley. Then you get part of Cinderella story with other characters and adapted to our reality-right now.
It was great to read it. Cinderella isn’t my favorite princess but I liked this. You don’t get the main problem until you’re quite far in the book.
The end is really sweet and leaves you wanting your own Prince.

The Characters:
•Jaine: She has some character development through the book. She starts being this really shy person which her sisters use as they want but who is trying to have the work she wants. Then she changes and she becomes more decided, less self-concious and enjoys what she is doing. And that’s great.
•Dylan: He was charm in person. It made me sad that his parents didn’t trust him a lot but he hadn’t the better past. The best thing about him was that he made a mistake and he recognised it. And wanted a second chance.
•Gabrielle: She was so bad. Shush!
•Then we have the other characters who played a role in this story in some way or another!

This is not a serious read. It’s just something to have fun, enjoy the moment and relax.

After reading it you feel happy. At the end, the best thing is that you believe fairytales can be true!

“She had once considered Cinderella stunning, before Jaine learned the gold hair was a wig, the magnificent gown had several matcheshanging on a rack, and the damn shoes caused blisters.”

About the Author:

Award-winning writer Stacy Juba loves to write about Characters at a Crossroads: individuals who are finding themselves and getting on the right life path after overcoming obstacles. Her goals are to entertain readers of all ages as well as inspire them. Stop by her website to browse her books, for some freebies and for information on her freelance editing service.

She recently launched the chick lit/ sweet romance Storybook Valley series with the book FOOLING AROUND WITH CINDERELLA.

Her adult mystery titles with a touch of romance are TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY AND SINK OR SWIM.

She is also the author of the young adult paranormal thriller DARK BEFORE DAWN, the young adult family hockey novel FACE-OFF, the patriotic children’s picture book THE FLAG KEEPER, the TEDDY BEAR TOWN CHILDREN’S BUNDLE, and the YOUNG LADIES OF MYSTERY BOXED SET. She is the editor of 25 YEARS IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR: 52 AUTHORS LOOK BACK.

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