Review: A Few Quiet Beers With God (English)

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24881584Set in Australia in the year 2031, this story is science-fiction comedy at its best.

When Dave, a hopeless but lovable 34 year old, meets Alexandra, the girl of his dreams, he feels as though his luck has finally changed. But due to his ineptness with technology, he tragically loses contact with her.

Meanwhile, the lust for supremacy of two powerful Americans ignites a bitter feud. Their fight reaches around the globe and soon entwines not only Dave and Alexandra but also a superstar football player nicknamed ‘God’.

Their final meeting precipitates an event that no-one saw coming.

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*I recived a copy of this book from the author in exchange of a honest review*

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The Writing:
I had a few problems. It was hard to get into the story and almost until the end I wasn’t that much interested. It has lots of POVs. For me there was too much detail and not enough dialogue. I wanted more interaction between characters.

The Story:
As I’ve said it was hard to get into the story and it didn’t attract me until the end.
One of the first problems I had was that Alexandra and Dave just knew each other for one evening and they were in love. They can be attracted and all that stuff but in my opinion not in love.
I didn’t like that much the story.
BUT I liked a twist it has that was unexpected. It gave this book other ‘face’. For the last 100 pages, in the new phase of the book it was quite interesting and unique. It has a concept of things different from other books.
Other thing I liked is that at the beginning of the book you see that Dave values what we today have and we don’t value. We all want the new technological thing out there and all these characters had that technology. They had what we think almost impossible. But Dave saw how useful are the common things we have. Like a watch. Or a pen. And that was great.

The Characters:
I didn’t like any of the characters a lot. Dave and Alexandra were ok.
I didn’t like Morgan,Hieshler or Juan Carlos Manuel de la Espirito. They were all awful people.

Overall, this wasn’t the book for me but it had some good things that I didn’t expect.


“In fact, it is your abundance of flaws that makes you so interesting.”

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