Bout of Books Update #2


Hello everyone!

Today I’m here to do my second Bout Of Books update.

Here are some links that you might be interested in:

Bout of Books TBR

Bout of Books Update #1

Since my last update I had two books left to read: Captain Rum by John Perrier and Los Secretos de Sara by Guillermo Cerviño Porto.

Today I finished Captain Rum. My review will be up today and you can see more of my thoughts there. I enjoyed it but it wasn’t that good 😦 (for me)

I have 5 hours left of today (Saturday) and all Sunday to read Los Secretos de Sara. Its a 400 pages book. But it’s in spanish which for me is easier and faster to read. That’s why I think I’ll be able to finish it by tomorrow and this read-a-thon will be a total success!!

Last but definitely not least I’m also currently reading Magic Shift by Ilona Andrews, #8 book in the Kate Daniels series. You might know (or not), this is one of my favorites urban fantasy series. I enjoy these books so much, their story and characters are so much fun to read and I love them. I’m halfway through this and I might finish it by Sunday or Monday.

Check this series because its amazing! I probably will do a post with urban fantasy series soon because last year I read some amazing ones and now I love them. I hope I can read more amazing Urban Fantasy this year!

Okay, now let’s get into today challenge!

Today is not a challenge but a time to share! I’ll share with you my Comfy Reading Spots!

I’m introducing you to my bed and desk! WP_20160109_20_07_13_Pro







These are the two places I usually read, both in my room. (Sorry these aren’t the best pics but I just took them to do this.)

This is all for today update! My next post of this read-a-thon- will be my wrap up! Can’t believe this week is almost over. My holidays are going away so fast! *crying*

I hope you enjoyed this. I would like to know how are you doing? if you are participating and if you aren’t I would love to know what are you reading?

Thanks for reading!


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