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25161581When an Oxford Professor stumbles upon an old naval Captain’s log, he unwittingly discovers what many scholars now agree is one of the greatest maritime adventures in history.

In 1821, Captain Fintan McAdam set sail from London, solo, in search of adventure. During his journey, he discovered incredible new worlds and interacted with their amazing inhabitants. They forced him to confront his enemies within, learning much about himself.

Captain Rum, as told in McAdam’s own words through his journal, is a tale of discovery, despair and delight. It will keep you enthralled through many a stormy night.

Do you enjoy tales of ocean explorers such as ‘Robinson Crusoe’ by Daniel Defoe?
Or adventures such as ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ by Jonathon Swift?
What about movies that depict a lonely sailor’s struggles, like ‘Lost’ with Robert Redford, or ‘Cast Away’ with Tom Hanks?
Or do you simply enjoy historical fiction such as ‘Cold Mountain’ by Charles Frazier?

If so, you will love reading about the heartbreaking struggles and wondrous adventures of ‘Captain Rum’.

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*I recived a copy from the author in exchange of a honest review*

3 flores

This is a story of a broken man who goes into an adventure that will teach him many things as well as heal him.

The Writing:
The writing was okay.
This book has a diary format, each day an entry where he tells what happened that day. I liked this because its different of what we are used to. However, the story was too slow for me.

The Story:
I liked the story but as I said before it was too slow for me. I liked the plot and the idea of the story, however there is not much of ‘problems-that-make-the-story-fast-pacing’.
For me this book has two parts and THIS IS AN SPOILER but will not give you out all the book First one being from the beginning until Captain Rum arrives to Boot Island and the second one from that point until the end. Why? Because for me was far more interesting reading the second part and more entertaining than the first one.

The Characters:
Since this book is based in Captain’s Rum diary, he is the main character and for most part of the book he is the only human character, so I’m going only to talk about him.
Captain Rum is a troubled complicated man who wants to forget his past and find adventures. He is ‘broken’ after his wife, Beth, died and her ghost is with him all time. What I liked about this character is that I felt him human,real. I liked his personality and I think at the end he gets what he deserves.
There are other characters like the super-intelligent parrot, Bubo; Beth, which is not a living character but she is in the book many times and affects Captain Rum; and Ki-Ora which is a character that we don’t really get to know a lot but is the cure to some problems.

I’m not used to read this kind of story, I had some problems with the story but I enjoyed it.


“Every journey begins with a single step.”

“Putting time and space between you and a mere acquitance extinguishes the relationship; in contrast, absence causes a deep love to grow stronger.”

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