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27979695Richard Orlendr died over a thousand years ago. He lived in Norway during the Germanic Iron Age and trusted in the judgement of the gods. That is not to say he did not question them when they gave him a dragon, nor did he blindly follow their orders when they told him to go to war. But, when one god told him to kill another, Richard was unable to rely on their wisdom. He had to trust in the Norns. The Norns guide fate. They shape it past, present, and future; however, it is not set in stone. A hero can change his fate. A hero can chose his destiny. The Norns can weave a new life, but what happens if the Norns are dead? Do heroes have greater freedom? Or are they locked into their destiny since there is no one left to weave?”

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Pages: 416

*I was provided a copy of this book from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange of a honest review*

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The Writing:
It was okay. A bit difficult sometimes but I think that was because of the world. We read from Richard’s POV but we know Aiden’s thoughts too because of this connection they have. I thought this would be more of a fast read but it wasn’t. I’m okay with that anyway.

The Story:
I have bad things and good things to say about this.
Starting with the bad things, at the beginning I didn’t understand anything. It was really hard for me to understand the world without explanation. I didn’t read the synopsis before starting reading this (I read the synopsis when I requested it but didn’t remember anything) and this might not be a good choice.I recommend to read the synopsis first and then start reading this. However, I feel like through the book you start understanding a few things here and there but you won’t get the full explanation until the end. I’m not sure I understand everything anyway. So, as much as I think the world was great, the concept of it, I don’t think it’s easy to understand.
My other problem was that the first half of the book, I didn’t feel like anything big happened. For me it was a long introduction. Then, in the second half of the book you start reading more action and I think the book starts being more interesting.
Now the things I liked.
I liked the mythology in here. It’s Norse mythology, something I don’t usually read but that I really like. And it’s other mythology which made this book different.
I liked how the relationship between Richard and Aiden was built and how it was described.
Other thing I liked but at the same time confused me was that you don’t know if you should trust this or that character. And that was a good thing because you felt like Richard.
The epilogue was really good because it makes you want to read more.
Oh! And this book made me want to have a dragon!

The Characters:
•Richard: I liked him. Didn’t love him but liked him. He is in this complicated situation and I believe he does what he thinks it’s right.
•Aiden: My favorite character. I just loved him. He was so sweet and nice. He could act and think like an adult or a child, and even when he was like a child he said things like they were and made me realise that sometimes adults make things difficult.
For me, one of the best things in this book,was the relationship, the bond between these two characters (Richard and Aiden). They were more than best friends,more than brothers, just this amazing connection where they know that not matter what happens they will be there for each other.
•Eadric: At the beginning I wasn’t sure if I liked him or not, but now I like him. He was loyal and he didn’t think twice before helping.
• Æbbe: Didn’t like her at all.

This is a fantasy read with magic and dragons. No romance and a bit of action.


“Every age has a hope”(…)”Every age has a temptation”(…)”Live as a hero”

“But they do not have the opportunity to make mistakes. If suffering is the price of freedom I’d choose to be free, he countered.

Their ignorance of the outside world makes them happy. They do not know about-

exactly, Aiden interrupted. Their ignorance! They do not know what it is like to be free. They do not know what is like to be without opression. They are just as enslaved as the slaves in Vatn.”


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