Interview with Suzanne van Rooyen!

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Hello everyone!

I had the opportunity to interview Suzanne van Rooyen, author of Sardust. On Monday I posted my review and if you saw it you know I loved it.

Let’s start!

25459559Hello! Thank you for being here today. To start this interview from the beginning: Where did you get inspiration for your book?

Many different places. There was a boy I once knew and he inspired so much of this story, but part of this book was also inspired by my own childhood desire to be an astronaut and the dream I once had of working for NASA. When Mars One became a thing, I was fascinated by the idea of a whole new generation getting to be pioneers in space and that too inspired the story. And lastly, my parents used to live in Texas – I was almost born there in fact – and I’ve always wanted to explore more of that state so that’s what inspired the setting for Scardust.
Can you tell us a bit of your experience writing it and about your writing routine?
This was one of the most difficult books I’ve ever written. It took me more than two years and too many drafts to count because I just couldn’t get it right. It was only in early 2015 that I sat down determined to complete this book and redrafted from the very beginning. Finally, the story came together in a writing frenzy that lasted about a month. My usual writing routine is a little disjointed now because of my day job but I try to write in the evenings and set aside at least one day a week just for writing.
I really liked the characters and their personalities weren’t easy, and life haven’t been easy with them but: Did you find any character difficult to write? Do you have a character that is your weakness?
Oh yeah. Raleigh was particularly difficult because I didn’t want him to be the stereotypical tragic type. I wanted to show how driven he was, how determined and hopeful he was despite everything else. His chapters were emotionally draining to write, but also cathartic. Crow was a breath of fresh air! As was Abigail. I enjoyed writing those two the most. In general, I have a major weakness for anti-hero, under-dog type characters.
f0fe4f7806e01463034f75550751e35eWhy did you choose to set up your book in the future and why Mars?
Being somewhat of a geek and trying to keep up with space exploration, Mars seems to be the next place humans need/want to go and given all the current developments, it seems feasible that we might be able to get to Mars within the next 20-30 years, hence the near future setting and Mars.
Now, we also want to know about you! Favorite song,book,tv show and movie? (If you have one)
So difficult to choose just one! Right now my favourite song is Beautiful Crime by Tamer. Favourite book is Lost Souls by Poppy Z Brite. Favourite TV show is Daredevil. And favourite movie is Mr Nobody 🙂
I love villains and they are always fun (and sometimes quite bad) so: Do you like them and do you have a favorite?
I love a complex villain! As I said, I’m a huge of anti-heroes and those villains that think they’re doing the right thing, being the heroes of their own stories. I have two favourites, the first being Loki because he has this incredibly compelling vulnerability while also being smart and conniving. And my second favourite villain is Wilson Fisk from Daredevil because I often found myself torn between who to root for, Matt Murdoch or Fisk – and that’s the sign of some brilliant character crafting. The story could just as easily have made Fisk the hero and Daredevil the villain – I love that kind of complexity.
Choose a character you would trust with your life.(Outside your book)
Death from The Sandman Chronicles 😉
Favorite author?
Neil Gaiman and Maggie Stiefvater
Last but not least: Favorite thing about being an author?
Being able to tell stories and share them with others, and getting to let all the voices in my head have their say.
To end this interview, in 3 lines tell us anything you want to say!
Thank you so much for reading my books! I wouldn’t be able to do what I love doing without readers wanting to read my words.
This is all for this interview! Thank you Suzanne!
All the pictures were taken from the Pinterest board of the book in the author’s Pinterest page.
I hope you enjoyed reading this and check out Scardust! And here is my review is you want to know my thoughts.

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