Week in Review #3


Hello everyone!

Other week, the first one of February! Let’s start with the things that happened this week!

I need your help in something but more deatils will be at the end of this post.


These weeks songs for me were:

These are the songs that I listened this week that were new for me, I hope you enjoy them!


I didn’t watch any movie BUT! The Me Before You trailer came out and *fangirling*. I just loved it! It seems like the movie will be amazing and respect the book a lot! I’m excited!

TV Shows

This week I said I would finish Continuum, thing that didn’t happen. But, I finished the third season. I have 6 episodes left. Then, I’ll try to finish Downton Abbey, I’m on season 4 episode 4. Once I finish these two, I’ll start a new series that has one or more seasons finished.

I watched all the other shows: Lucifer,The 100, The Shannara Chornicles, Teen Wolf, Shadowhunters, War and Peace, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow…

Can we talk about Malec? From the Shadowhunters TV show, I’m in love. Those first scenes were amazing! I absolutely loved it! And I love the humour and sarcasm of Magnus! Let me know your thoughts about these characters and relationship!

Oh! And something I forget telling you all about. I discovered this website called tvshowtime, maybe you already know it but it’s for all of us, lovers of tv shows, easy to keep track of episodes, calendars, upcoming, to watch and all those things. Maybe you want to check it out, I really like it! And here is my profile with the tv shows I watch if you want to check it too and we can be friends! 😀


Other thing I forget to tell you. My original Goodreads challenge was 125 books (as in 2015) and I read between 170 and 180 books last year, so I did good. But at the end of January I changed my 2016 goal for 100 books. Why? Because this year will be more difficult, challenging and busy for me than 2015 and I don’t want to feel any pressure. I think I can easily reach 100 books so I’m okay with that!

This week I read Prey, book #4 in the Werecats series by Rachel Vincent I gave it 4.5/5 stars; I read Crystallum by Laney McMann and my review will be up tomorrow!; and The Marriage Trap by Jennifer Probst, I needed some romance easy and that left me happy so this was it, I gave it 4/5 stars.

I’m also currently reading Mr Mercedes by Stephen King, buddy reading this with Luucy from Making Days Better for our Horror challenges! 😀


I’m currently changing my blog design and I’m happy with it! I did some major changes a few days ago, you can see them in my home page and I was doing the headers and thumbnails for my reviews. I tried to do them a bit different and I’m happy with the results (if you want to check any of them). I have changed all the headers for the Tags and there is so much work to do but slowly, I’m doing it.

Let me know what you think of this new design!

What happened this week:


This week I did some tags!

These are just some of the photos I posted, if you want to see the others you can check my bookstagram acc!

I need help!

I love quotes. And I love having them all together but I’m just too lazy to write them all in paper because they are a lot. So I have been searching of ways to keep my quotes in the web or computer but didn’t find anything.

I thought about having them in a word document but I don’t have word in my computer. I thought about Tumblr and I don’t think it’s a bad idea but I already have a tumblr blog, maybe I can do that in a specifical part? Can anyone help me? Give me some ideas? What do you do with quotes? (if you ‘collect’ them) Thank you everyone!


Let me know your thoughts about these things! How was your week?


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