Love-A-Thon: Mini Challenge: Bingo!


Hello everyone!

So, the second mini-challenge is a bingo! I’ll be updating this post all time! 😀

“See how many bingo squares you can cross off of our official Love-a-Thon bingo card! We’ll be giving you various tasks to tackle during the Love-a-Thon, and challenging you to make them all happen before the event is over.”


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Chat #2

A1: Aldii, I blog at perfectioninbooks and I’m known for having many many book boyfriends and for doing a lot of tags, I think…  (Link to the tweet)

A2: I don’t think I have faves but some really beautiful are Ice Like Fire (2015) and A Million Worlds With You (coming out 2016)  (Link to the tweet)

A3: Just to name some authors 😀  (Link to the Tweet)

A4: These are some of my treasures, I also have one signed bookmark and 4 posters that I love!  (Link to the tweet)

I definitely want to own more bookish stuff like t-shirts or bags, mugs are great too and funkos seem really cute  (Link to the Tweet)

A5: I think it’s Misterio en el Cabo Polonio by Helen Velando, I enjoyed other books from her too and Los Cazaventuras  (Link to the Tweet)

A6: Is it bad to say I don’t have A favourite food?  (Link to the tweet)

A7: Not Fair! I recently read the most recent book in the Charley Davidson series (one of my favs) so I say Reyes and Charley  (Link to the tweet)

Chat #3

A1: My name is Aldii, my blog is perfectioninbooks and in one word I would say organized or at least I try to be 😂 (Link to the tweet)

A2: My Bookish Pet Peeve is not having all books in a series together in my shelf, it’ll be very hard for me to have a rainbow #LoveAThon (Link to the Tweet)

A2: I’m not actually buying them but I definitely will! The Winner’s Curse was a biiig change!  (Link to the tweet)

A3: I love a love triangle if it’s well done and I must say that once in a while I like to read a cliche 🙈 (continue next tweet)  (Link to the Tweet)

A3: I’m not sure, I love being surprised but one trend… I can’t thnk right now haha 😂 (Link to the tweet)

A4:I have many!Kate Daniels,Charley Davidson,Mercy Thompson,Aelin Galathynius,Kathia Carusso,MacKayla Lane #LoveAThon  (Link to the tweet)

A5: Sebastian Morgentsern was a good one, the Darkling too, I need to read more books with ‘Big’ villains  (Link to the tweet)

A6: My Babies! Reyes Farrow,Will Herondale,Rowan Whitethorn,Curran Lennart,Cristianno Gabbana,Jericho Barrons,Daemon Black  (Link to the tweet)

A6: Marc and Jace!  (link to the tweet)

Q7a: Marry: Sturmhond (I haven’t read the last book) Kiss:Chaol Kill:Thorne (I haven’t read him) (Link to the tweet)

A7b: Haven’t read Six of Crows (but I’ll soon), haven’t read Darker Shade of Magic, I’m currently reading Harry Potter book 1  (Link to the tweet)

A7c: Marry: Celaena..(I can’t see myself but Feyre is not right neither) Kiss: Feyre… Kill: Hermione (Currently reading book 1)  (link to the tweet)

A8: Goodreads: 100 bks Horror Challenge: 8 bks Dystopia Challenge: 16+ bks Classic Challenge: 6 bks  (Link to the tweet)

A8: I have the Harry Potter challenge, which is reading all the books and a read-a-thon challenge to participate in at least 6  (Link to the tweet)

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I actually visited different blogs that participated in the Love-A-Thon and commented. Some of the comments:

Tweet 3 of Your Favourite Authors

A3: Just to name some authors 😀  (Link to the Tweet)

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Winter Book Haul from thebookgravant

Riders by Veronica Rossi Unboxing from Elizziebooks

Book Series I Need to Read! from A Clockwork Reader

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Here is the post!

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Blue: Book Scents Willa’s Ramblings

Pink: The Canon

Purple,Blue and Pink: Creative Therapy The Hardcover Lover

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