Mental Illness in Books with Luucy (Making Days Better) | Discussion Post #2


Hello everyone!

As you may know I buddy read a book with Luucy from Making Days Better which was Mr Mercedes by Stephen King. This was part of our Horror Challenges (Luucy Horror Challenge post). And as you might have seen too, we wanted to do some posts together and with the book. In my blog, as you read in the title we will be doing a discussion post and in her blog we will be talking about the characters.

We chose this topic because it’s in the book and we thought it would be interesting to do this.

  • If you want to read my review of Mr Mercedes you can go here.
  • If you want to read Luucy’s review of Mr Mercedes you can go here.

Do you like reading books with mental illness?

Luucy: I love reading books with mental illness, I haven’t experienced anything like that in my life so I like to know a little bit of how people with mental illness feel.

Aldii: Yes, I definitely do! I think it’s a very interesting topic and I always love things related to the human mind. When it’s well done it can be amazing.

Do you think more books should have this topic?

Luucy: Yes, maybe. I would like to read more books with this topic but if there are too many of them it would be cliche so I would like just a few more books.

Aldii: Yes. I know there are books out there that have different types of mental illness but I just haven’t seen them often enough. I think there should be more books with these topics and we should talk more about them.

Does this topis attract people?

Luucy: Some people yes and others not. I have some friends that don’t like reading this topic because it’s to rough :/ And there’s people like me who love to read it so half yes, half no.

Aldii: I’m not sure. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I think it depends on how the synopsis shows it. I think the age of the reader affects if you find something interesting or not too. But, as in any book, the synopsis must have something that attracts people (it can be the cover too but for this topic I find it’s more difficult). For me, I think yes. If I heard that some book has mental illness I’ll go and check it out on Goodreads. It might not attract me or maybe yes, you never know! 😉

How do you think mental illness can affect a book?

Luucy:  I think a mental illness changes a book a lot, all the decisions are influenced by the illness so it could change the whole book.

Aldii:   I think it could turn out to be a good or bad thing, or maybe both. It can be good because maybe people can relate to what happens in a book and that makes them like it even more. But maybe for the same reason a reader can feel that the topic is not well written or treated and that makes them to not like it. It can make the book interesting, get the reader into it. The Illness also can change the behavior of a character making the plot go here or there.

How many books with mental illness have you read?

Luucy: I think I’ve read around 7 🙂

Aldii: . I’m not sure of a number, maybe something between 5 and 8?

How do you feel about the characters with mental illness?

Luucy: I usually feel sorry for them, I can’t be mad at them and I still haven’t figured why is that 😛

Aldii:  Wow, this is a question to think… I’m not sure of how I feel, I mean, I feel like the other characters. I read their personalities, actions, thoughts and then I build my opinion. Of course, I have the topic in mind. I’m not sure about this answer at all.

Do you have a favorite book with a character with mental illness?

Luucy: Yes, I do 🙂 Paperweight is one of my favorites and the main character has a mental illness.

Aldii: I don’t think so. Maybe because I haven’t read many books with mental illness. But Remington Tate, from the Real series has something that you will discover if you read it, I really like those books and maybe Remy can be my answer for this.


Luucy: The Catcher in the Rye is a popular book because it’s great, the main character can be a little annoying sometimes but he’s a great person ❤ Another great book is Paperweight, is about Stevie who wants to die because she blames herself for her brother’s death. A deep, beautiful and touchy reading 🙂

Aldii: Some books I would recommend: Sleeping Tom, I didn’t expect to like this book as much as I did. Is about this guy who has one personality in the day and other in the night. Hyde, I really liked it, I think it has similar things to Jekyll and Hyde and I really enjoyed it.


This is all!

Let us know what you think about this topic and about books with it. Share with us some of your answers to these questions! We’d love to know!

*We don’t intend to do any harm or offense with these answers, they are just our thoughts*

Thank you for reading!


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  1. I like reading books that deal with mental illness too! It broadens my knowledge on certain topics and I feel it makes me a little less ignorant when I come across people with mental illnesses, because I know something about it, even if its tiny. They really are eye opening.

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