Love-A-Thon: Some faves in the bookish community!


Hello everyone!

Maybe you saw that one of the Love-A-Thon challenges is a bingo that you try to complete. I’m constantly updating that post but one of the squares is “Dedicate A Blog Post to Talk About Some of your Favourite Blogs, Youtube and Instagram Accounts”

That’s what this post is about!

These are just some of my faves but there are other amazing people out there!

(there is no special order)

Favourite Blogs

I don’t feel like I have favourite blogs, I just usually scroll the wordpress page and check new posts. Anyways, there are some really nice people who have some really amazing blogs and that’s the list below! As I said before, there are other really amazing blogs and really amazing people but I didn’t want to have a really long list.

Favourite Booktubers

I love watching booktube and I have some plans that I will hopefully do soon!

Favourite Bookstagrammers

I also love bookstagram! Is what for me started everything, blogging and booktubing. It’s just so amazing and creative, I love bookstagram.


These are all! This is kind of recommendations too if you didn’t know about any of these accs.

I hope you enjoyed this!


14 respuestas a “Love-A-Thon: Some faves in the bookish community!

  1. Aww thanks so much, Aldii! It really means the world to me that there’s someone out there who appreciates my little blog. I hope you know how much I love yours too ❤ Anyway, thanks for the mention and all the recommendations. I'm still a bit new to Bookstagram so this list is great 🙂

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