Totally Should’ve Book Tag!


Hello everyone!

I was tagged by Melissa from In A Bookish World and Ashleigh from A Frolic Through Fiction, thank you so much for tagging me!

Totally should’ve…gotten a sequel


I liked this book and I think I would like to read what happens with these characters.

Totally should’ve…had a spin off series


I have only read the first one. And I love the characters. But I think a previous book would be cool. It’s a kind of spin off. I couldn’t think of other because the ones that came to my mind already have a spin off series.

An author who totally should’ve… written more books


I haven’t read anything more by Suzanne Collins, I think she has a middle grade series or something like that but I want to read more YA from her.

A character who totally should’ve… ended up with someone else.


Totally should’ve… had a movie franchise


I think I would like to see this as a movie (I need to continue reading this serie!)

Totally should’ve… had a TV show.


If you have been around for some time, you might know how much I love this serie. I think it could be a good tv show, HOWEVER I’m not sure I want to see this as a TV Show because I’m scared. Scared that it would disappoint me. But it wouldn’t make my love for the books any less.

Totally should’ve… had only one point of view

I can’t think of any. I enjoy different POVs but there must be a book I’ve read that could be for this. Maybe.

Totally should’ve… had a cover change


I like these books, but the covers…

Totally should’ve… kept the original covers


These covers are so beautiful! I don’t know why they are changing them but there are amazing! I have to read it!

Totally should’ve… stopped at book one


I don’t know if at book one. I liked the first book but then things went down and down, I read the second one and I don’t plan to read more.


This is all for this tag!

I don’t know who has already done this or who hasn’t so I’m not tagging anyone but if you want to do this, I tag you!

Let me know some of your answers for these!



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