Week In Review #5

week in review 5

Hello everyone!

It has been a while and so many things happened that we should start!


I saw Maroon 5!!!!!!!!! They are my favourite band and I can’t explain how much I enjoyed their show. I just sang,jumped,shouted and loved each minute of it! Such a great experience! I also spent a weekend in Buenos Aires with my cousin and a friend of hers and I just loved all the experience, just traveling, buying, relaxing and having fun is so great. The only think I’ll say it PLEASE MAROON 5 NEXT TIME COME TO MY COUNTRY (Uruguay) Not that they will read this buuut…


TV Shows

The Shannara Chronicles has finished! And the end! OMG! I’m so curious, I need more. This has one season of ten episodes, so if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it if you like fantasy.

We will have a second season of Shadowhunters! This is good because I love seeing all characters and how they came to life. Not everything is perfect for me, there are things I don’t like that much and that’s why I’m scared for the next season! I hope they follow the book plot. Anyway, I know I will watch it, let’s be honest. Are you excited? Maybe not? Let me know!

Quantico and Blindspot are back again!! I’m so happy! Everything is so complicated and ahhh! I really like these series.

Daredevil is also coming back soon! Who is excited?! 🙋🙋

Tonight, I’ll give an opportunity to Thirteen. I saw the trailer and was really intrigued but until now I didn’t have time to watch it and keep up with the other tv shows. Do you watch this show?


This month I’m trying to read lots of review books so I can be more ‘lighter’ and then read more of the books I want. Do you have this problem? You have lots of books for review and you don’t read or just read few books you really want.Still learning to control that.


This is something I really want to talk about.

If you have been following my blog for some time you might know that I used to post between 5 to 6 times a week. That was because I was on holidays. Truth is that now I started school again and all my extra classes (English and Dance) and they all take time. I need to do homeworks, study and dedicate time to each activity. That means I won’t be able to post as much as I did when I was on holidays. What I will try to keep for sure are the reviews on Monday and Thursday, Tags or Awards on Saturdays and Week in Review on Sundays (today is an exception). I will do Top Ten Tuesdays and perfectioninbooks Recommends but not every week, maybe every two weeks or something.

Less time also means that I’m not as active as I was. I used to read lots of posts and comment and all that fun stuff. I will definitely keep doing that but not as much as I did, for example, if I commented in 10 posts a day, now I’ll comment in 3 to 5 posts. When I comment I like to read the post and think what I’m going to comment and believe me or not, that takes time.

Once I have my final schedule I will be able to organise better and I will be able to write post in a certain time and all that fun stuff but for now, be patient with me!


If you could help me in this with your opinion it would be great! Just let me know your thought in this tweet, it’s a poll so you don’t have to do nothing more that just click your opinion. You can also tweet me any idea or anything you want!



Let me know your thought on whatever you want to talk about and please if you can vote in my poll! I really appreciate your opinion!




3 respuestas a “Week In Review #5

  1. Maroon 5 is AMAZING! Lucky you !!! I’ve been dying to see them, but they just don’t come to Belgium 😦

    I’ve watched the first few episodes of The Shannara Chronicles too and it’s amazing so far! I really need to catch up :p

    I’m glad you enjoy the Shadowhunters, cause I don’t haha 😀 Like at all! I watched the first episode and it was sooo weeeiiirdd 😮

    YES FOR DAREDEVILLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

    As for review books: I have the same! I have a Netgalley account and yesterday I caught up a bit, but still it is hard to keep up sometimes. So I totally relate with you!

    About the blogging: same! 😮 I've been home for two weeks now and I caught up with blogging a bit. I posted a lot more during the week and I was so relaxed about it. Now I have to get back to work and I'm already stressing because I won't be able to post that much anymore 😦

    Anyway, great post! ❤

    Le gusta a 2 personas


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