Review: Borrowed Magic (English)

borrowed magic

28146512After a three-year siege, Lord Kern, the dark mage, is dead. Magic has left Tredare, and life is almost back to normal.

For everyone except Maren, that is.

Before the siege, an attack by Lord Kern left Maren near death and with a sliver of magic buried deep inside her. Now, for reasons Maren doesn’t understand, that magic has been triggered, giving her the ability to “see” the truth: that her world is nothing more than a magical façade; and that the kingdom’s hero may not be a hero at all.

But this gift of sight comes at a high cost. Maren is in constant pain, and fears her own death is imminent. Plus, no one believes her suspicions that another Dark Mage has risen, and that Tredare may be in just as much danger as it was when Kern was alive.

With the country’s future in the hands of a man who’s vowed revenge on its king, Maren must convince someone else of the truth. Unfortunately, the only person powerful enough to help is also the one man she can’t trust; the man she almost married; the man who abandoned her and disappeared for three years: Kern’s son.

As Tredare crumbles around them, Maren must persuade him to help – before the king is murdered by the very hero he reveres; and before the same magic that gives Maren the gift of sight also takes her life.

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Pages: 287

Published: February 1st 2016

*I was provided a copy of this book from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange of a honest review*

4 estrellas

*4.2 stars*

This was a sweet enjoyable read.

The Writing:
The writing was good. This book was fast paced and easy to read. The scenes were great because they described the surroundings but not too much it made me bored.

The Story:
The story was more complex than I thought it would be and it surprised me in a good way. From the beginning I was drawn into this world.
Starting with the world, I really liked it. It felt like back in time with kings, kingdoms and castles, which I love but at the same time the fantasy aspect gave it an interesting feeling.
I liked how the story developed.
The ‘bad things’ didn’t happen all at once. You read and learn about the bad guy, you start hating him for everything.
The pain in this book is quite important because it’s almost all time. More physically but mentally it’s quite important and it allows us to see that we are not invincible and what we can endure for what we believe is right, for doing the right thing.
I loved the romance in here. Its just one book, not that long, but the romance was so well done. Slow burning, nothing rushed, not love at first sight. It was really well done and I loved every scene.
I don’t give this a 5/5 stars because it’s not like this changed my life or anything but it definitely deserves 4,2 stars for being such a good, entertaining and interesting read.

The Characters:
•Maren: I loved her character. She was so strong and brave. She respected herself so much and loved everyone. She was a great character.
•Philip: He was sweet and nice. At the beginning I was okay with him but by the end I really liked him. But there were some times that I wanted to hit him.
•This couple had ups and downs and so many emotions but I definitely like them together.
•Daric: He was the perfect big brother, or at least the big brother I would like to have. And he was so sweet with Adare.
•Adare: She was so nice, friendly and welcoming. Such a good friend too.
•Adare and Daric weren’t the main relationship but I loved reading them together.
•Teige: He was just too perfect. Not for me.
•Kira: At the beginning I didn’t like her but her character gets so much better by the end. She proves that not everything is as it seems.


“It’s power, and that matters more than everything else.”

“You are wrong. Life, freedom,prosperity. People sacrifice for those things. They die for them.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to forget?”

“No. We can’t ever forget. If we do, we allow it to happen again.”

About the Author:

Shari has always loved to read. “Bookworm” may even be an understatement. But when she discovered Georgette Heyer in high school, her love of reading exploded. Ms. Heyer’s books were not only entertaining, witty, and smart, but they saved Shari from the awkward, unromantic teenage years. To this day, Shari’s favorite books all have romance in them.

Although Shari spent a good deal of her time at Brigham Young University on the ballroom dance team, she did manage to get a BA in History and English before going on to get a Juris Doctorate. After graduation, she decided her first priority was to be a mom — a career she’s stuck with and loved.

In between cleaning, laundry, and homework, Shari writes. Just like with reading, she wants to get lost in a world, whether imaginary or historical.

She lives just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband and four children.

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