Review: Bith of Hope (English)

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28548546Joy. Peace. Fear. Death. Hope. To many, these are just emotions, facial expressions or words that are evoked in the face of numerous situations. However, there are a select few in the galaxy that have the power to wield them into something more. Into a weapon. Into a personification of their inner being.

They are called Spectres

Damien is one such person. With the Spectre Hope, he will shoulder the hopes of the galaxy as he strikes out on an epic adventure that will bring readers to all four corners of the planet, Gaia. From the peaks of Mount Cygnus to the sand-blasted plains of the Tahiba Dessert, Damien and his group of friends will try to find a way to end the war with the merciless Vangarians and unlock the secrets hidden within the depths of their hearts.

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Published February 1st 2016

Pages: 273

4 estrellas

*3.8 stars*

The Writing:
This wasn’t a fast or easy book.
There were moments where descriptions or paragraphs were too long or too close and I would have liked to read more dialogues between the characters. Related with this, some scenes felt too long.
There are many POVs which at the beginning got me by surprise but then I got used to it.

The Story:
I like this because it’s unique, something I have never read before and so cool!
Starting with lots of worlds, were aliens, different kind of aliens and humans are all together fighting the same threat Vangarians.
There is some people among these fighting the Vangarians that have Spectres. Here comes the original and the thing I liked the most in this book. Spectres are creatures from other dimensions that are summoned from our emotions. Some use love, hope and others use hate and anger. Each spectre is different in it’s own way, there are different categories according to the power and each of them has it’s own power. You learn how to control them and then they are used in battle. Not only the powers are different, thir looks are different too. This is so cool to read. Something new and that kept me like ‘I want a Spectre’ or ‘How would my Spectre be?’.
There is a war going on as I have said before and the plot of this basically follows Damien through his journey into this war, his part and learning who he really is.
It was an enterteining fun story.
The prologue was great because it got me into the book just in the first pages.
The end was kind of bittersweet but it was great because we got some answers, some unexpected things happen and there is a lot of action!
There is not a romance in here but there is love for sure.

The Characters:
Damien: I really liked him. He was down to earth all time through the book and he respected others. He knew when others had more wisdom and he didn’t try to show he knew better.
Jakob: I feel like we know him but at the same time we don’t know for sure his past. He has suffered a lot but he is a great man and friend.
Adrix: I really liked him at the beginning then I didn’t like him that much but by the end I was okay and kind of accepting all that happened.
Mervika: He was such a good patient friend! I loved his character and wish I could have him as friend.
There are other characters through the book but I feel these are the main ones and the ones I know.

This was not an easy or fast read but it definitely has a great story, a great world and characters. I think if you like sci-fi you should give this an opportunity.


“This is what war does to you(…)
It forces children to grow up a lot quicker than usual.”

“Crazy,really, he thought(…), how things change so fast and so much.”

“Ah, but that’s what makes us human, isn’t it Damien?” the Jester said, pushing the plate away.
“The ability of self-control. Of rational thought. That’s what makes us the top of the food chain.
“What happens when you take that thought away?” he asks again whilst sipping on the fire wine. “Why, they become puppets on strings. And they dance to the merry tune of the puppeteer.”
“Like what you did to me?” Damien whispered, echoing loudly in that large, cavernous room.
“Like how you used me in the Cess Pit? Adrix almost died because of you!”
“Oh, my boy, you don’t understand”, the Jester twittered, his finger wagging. “I did what was necessary for you to grow. I followed my rational thought, based on my knowledge of what I know will happen. You followed your heart, based on the hope of what you believe could happen. And everybody will tell you, always follow your rationality. Because your heart will always betray you.”

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