Allegiant Movie Review with Lore!


Hello everyone!

Today I’m bringing you a movie review with one of my best friends, Lore!

We have been friends for 13 years and for the last three or four we have been going to watch all the book-to-movie adaptations we want together and Allegiant wasn’t different! That’s why I welcome her today in my blog!


Aldii: Hello! First of all, did you like the movie?

Lore: Yes! I really like it!

Aldii: Great! I liked it too! So, to start with a good thing, what did you like?

Lore: First of all I liked the action parts. What do you think about them?

allegiant-header-fiAldii: OMG! They were sooo great! I enjoyed them a lot! Like, everytime there was one I just was so excited because it was all good guys vs bad guys. But at the same time there were like ‘action’ scenes that weren’t so great because of the situation, like all stuff between Evelyn and her crew and the Allegiants

 What about you?

Lore: I think that they were amazing, especially the ones where Tobias appears, he looked very sexy in these scenes! But at the same time I believe that there were too much action sences! I liked more the the action sences without guns, I don´t know, what do you think?

Aldii: Tobias OMG Tobias, okay so I’m in fangirl mode right now but that guy knows how to do amazing actions scenes! I completely agree with you: he looked very sexy. Yes, maybe there were too much actions scenes but I enjoyed them anyway. I agree with you that the actions scenes without guns were really great but the kind of gun with those UFOS (okay,not really but) those kind of flying eyes that they gave them orders and protected them in a kind of shield were soo cool, don’t you think so?

12342513_781969215263138_7065191781067619181_nLore: Oh yes! I fell in love with those guns. They have all what you need and I think that if you use one of that guns you won´t have any possibility to die; they were so technological! That is another point, it was a super-technological movie, or not?

Aldii: It definitely was! For me a little too much. Like I get, all the tech but really? That invisible wall, those flying things, and the blue fire! It just felt too much. I didn’t feel it like a dystopia, it was more like a sci-fi thing. What do you think? And don’t forget about the Mars kind of land!

Lore: I think in the same way! I really don´t know what were those flying things and I believe that they were unnecessary, because to be honest, they could have gone to the Allegiants´ building on their own! And yes, what about the red land? It looked like blood, it was a bit disgusting! I also believe that the part when they climbed the wall was a bit funny; it looked funny. Talking about that, what do you think about the Tori´s death?

Aldii: That was very weird indeed, the blood rain was so weird and as you said kind of disgusting too. Ohh yes! The wall it was kind of weird, funny and cool. It was soo dauntless, and Caleb who didn’t know anything about that was so funny!                         Tori’s death was just too quick, like bum, dead. Just like that.

the-divergent-series-allegiant_2016-29Lore:  Yes it was shocking. Tris reaction was sad, Tori did lot of things for her, protected her, supported her; and she died from a moment to another! I love Caleb´s moments, he looked like an idiot, but sweet at the same time! Hahaha. His moments and Peter´s ones were the best. Most of the times, those moments add humor to the bad situations!

Aldii: Exactly! I’m honest, I don’t like Caleb or Peter (books) but in Insurgent (movie) I liked Peter, now (Allegiant movie) I liked both of them. I think they characters, the way the directors shaped their personalities gave the movie some funny silly moments. Which was great! I loved that kind of humour.                                                                                            What do you think of the last part of the movie?

Lore: I don´t know what to think about the end! I read the book some years ago, and I don´t remember it very well, but I don´t remember that in the book happened what happened in the end of the movie, you know, Tris “saving the factions” and giving a message of hope. Maybe the directors changed it or maybe my memory isn´t working! But something that I hated was the fact that David was walking; what about the wheelchair? Haha! Tell me what did you felt in the end of the movie!

Aldii: As you said, I read the book like three years ago and I don’t remember it a lot, I just remember some main and very important things. I don’t think the book was so much sci-fi and tech involved. Yes, I don’t remember the hope message but I feel like they tried to do similar things with the messages from Insurgent and now in Allegiant.
I feel like this is a great movie, I really liked it but I don’t think this is a good book-to-movie adaptation
I feel many things were changed and that is more commercial in a way. Divergent is one of my favourite book-to-movie adaptations, the other ones I feel don’t follow that much the books.12341256_781968928596500_8191756992949003289_n
What do you think?

Lore: I think that it was an amazing movie but I agree with you when you say that is wasn´t the best adaption! Apart from that I recommend the movie because it has it all; love, action, humor, etc!

Aldii: I agree with you, as a movie, if you don’t know anything of the books and even if you have read the books but watch it with a very open mind you might like it!


Well guys, this is all for our Allegiant movie review. I wanted to do something a bit different and I thought inviting Lore would be a good thing!

Thank you Lore for being in my blog today!

I hope you enjoyed this!

Let us know your thoughts about Allegiant and I would love to know your opinion in our post! Did you like this kind of conversation? Let’s chat!


8 respuestas a “Allegiant Movie Review with Lore!

  1. The movie was a big downer for me. I totally expected a lot more and they kept on splitting it up into two movies. I hate that. The CGI of the movie was the worst too. The cinematography made me cringe and feel dizzy. But the scenes are fine. 😊

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  2. I’ll be honest and admit that I have all 3 books but that I never read Allegiant. My dad did and said he thought they changed it up a bit too but I think they probably did so that it made more sense that they split the final book into two movies. But I really enjoyed the movie. I thought it was entertaining and we got more of Four which let’s be honest, he’s way more interesting than Tris. And come on, Theo James is gorgeous. 😉

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