Interview with A.J Trevors author of Brith of Hope!

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Hello everyone!

Today I bring you an interview that I hope you enjoy! I read Birth of Hope and I liked it! If you want to read my review you can go here.

Hello! Thank you for being here today. To start this interview from the beginning: Where did you get inspiration for your book?

First of all, thanks for enjoying it! The inspiration for my book came about after I was thinking about the fantasy genre in general. I realised that there was a dearth of novels that didn’t have, what I like to call, the ‘beast master’ aspect, which is humans controlling another beast that fights for them. I’ve always found that concept intriguing and exciting, thus I was very surprised when I couldn’t think of any off the top of my head, other than Taran Matharu’s “Summoner” series.

pokemon-1024x447My love of both Pokemon and Digimon plus the summoning aspect of Final Fantasy games was the final push in getting me to write the novel. I realised many people out there would enjoy this niche fantasy genre and, adding a dash of sci-fi into it, would make it into an exciting journey overall.

Spectres are such a cool thing in your book! I just loved them so much, how do you think your spectre would look like and tell us a bit about his powers!

Awesome to know that you like Spectres! Well, I haven’t really thought about it to be honest. However, Damien’s Spectre, Prometheus, is definitely my favourite Spectre and the one I would choose if I could summon a Spectre.

Of course, I would give my own version of ‘Prometheus’ a variety of powers. Teleportation, maybe a little of Bacchus’ lightning strikes and definitely Achillion’s ability for stealth. I love stealth!

desierto-1Why did you chose to set up your book in another planet?

Since I am a big sci-fi fan as well, I love different planets and worlds. However, one thing I realised in sci-fi novels is that they treat planets like we treat districts or other countries. They are either inhabited by a small colony with no other development on the rest on the planet or they are an ‘environment’ planet e.g. dessert planets, swamp planets, volcanic planets etc.

But why must it be this way? I based my book on another planet so that I can give planets an environment they truly deserve. Hence, a variety of environments is evident in “Birth of Hope”, from the sand-blasted Dunes of the Tahiba Dessert to the chilly peaks of the Cygnus Mountains. Planets should have a plethora of environments, just like Earth!

Damien is a great main character, where or how did you find inspiration for his character?

For Damien, I was thinking of creating a hero who has not yet realised his full potential. Many fantasy protagonists are either overpowered or superior to the other characters in the books. I wanted to create a protagonist that hasn’t yet grasped what he can do with his powers and, at the same time, make him human. Make him feel pain when his friends betray him or when he loses love. I wanted to make a character that people can relate to and I can call this an unqualified success based off the early reviews for the novel 🙂

Favourite thing of being an author?

book_of_imagination_by_t1na-d7mlgj9Honestly? Being allowed to make up stuff and get away with it 🙂 Haha! In all truthfulness, I do believe that is the best aspect of being an author. To stretch one’s imagination and dream up of stories that will excite readers and put a smile on their faces. To make their hearts race during a climactic battle and put down the book due to a satisfying ending, only to pick it up again because they are hooked on the story.

Ultimately, the best perk of being an author is making your readers smile 🙂

Now let’s get to know more about you! You’re going into a desert island and you can just take three books with you. Which books do you take?

11264999Ooh tough. I think I would grab Brent Week’s “Way of Shadows’, George R.R. Martin’s “Game of Thrones” and, just to keep me sane, Mitch Albom’s “Tuesdays with Morrie”.

A popular genre that you hardly reach for?

Romance. Definitely romance. But I would love to try my hand at writing a romance short one day!

Monster reads or short & sweet?

Love monster reads 🙂

If you could have a dinner with a fictional character, who would it be?

Tyrion Lannister from “Game of Thrones”

Tell us one of your favourite quotes!

You already picked it out in your blog post, so well done to you! J

“Always follow your rationality. Because your heart will always betray you”

Jester, “Birth of Hope”


This is all for today!

Thank you A. J for being here today and don’t forget to check out his book Birth of Hope!


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