The Book Pastry Tag!


Hello everyone!

I was tagged by Justine from Bookwormaniac to do this tag, thank you so much!



This (Outlander) was difficult not because it was bad, but for me it was slow and it’s an adult book, something I don’t usually read but I enjoyed it a lot!


The topics in Seeking Redemption are great and I had expectations but this book wasn’t for me. If you want to know more, here is my review.


I really really enjoyed the first volume of this, and that’s the only one I’ve read so far. I didn’t expect that story but it was interesting.




Don’t get me wrong, when I read Divergent, three or four years ago, I really enjoyed it. Then a few years later I watched the movie and really liked it. Right now, I don’t know how much I would like Divergent, I would like it for sure, but it’s not the same like and love.


This one was quite easy because almost every book I’ve read take place somewhere other than my country. I chose Angel’s Blood because I’ve been reading this series and enjoying it a lot! It’s set in New York.


I actually don’t pay that much attention to food in books, but I recently read this and there is pretty good stuff. I’m kind of stealing Justine’s answer too 😉


I’m tagging anyone who hasn’t done this and everyone who wants to do it!



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