Week in Review #6

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Hello everyone!

Other week is gone and I have so many things to talk about!


These are my most recent downloads and I have been listening them a lot!

(A Cappella version here)

TV Shows

Stitchers is baaaack!!!! Ahhhhhh I missed it so much. I just love the characters and the story. Season 2 is already different from Season 1 and it surprised me in a good way. I’m so excited for what’s coming!

OUTLANDER.OUTLANDER.OUTLANDER. Okay, I haven’t watched the episode but I’ll watch it tonight. I’m SO excited. I missed this show so much that I’m so happy the wait is over!

Shadowhunters finished its first season. Mixed feelings about this. Through the series there were many things that I didn’t like but there were some that I liked. The last episode was good and the last scene with Jace and Valentine and the boat, that wasn’t bad. Not going to lie, I’ll watch season two but I’m a bit scared. Anyway we won’t watch it until 2017 so…

Yesterday I watched the last episode of Thirteen, a mini serie of 5 episodes. I might do a post about it so I don’t want to say more than: I liked it, a lot.

I started watching Vikings, I’m not sure I’ll continue it though. Maybe I just have to wait some time? Who knows? One of my options is to start Black Sails soon and decide what I watch first.


This month I have read Revolution by Jessica Frances and today I’ll finish Demigods and Monsters by Raye Wagner.

I’ll be participating in the Genreathon, post coming tomorrow!

I’m one of the April hosts in the Blogger BookClub, tomorrow I start reading Bad Romeo by Leisa Rayven and I hope you can join me! I’ll be sharing things and thoughts on my twitter!

On other news, did you know that there are books coming out that will be set after the Mara Dyer trilogy from Noah’s POV? Not sure all of you like this trilogy but maybe some of you like it and didn’t know, goodreads link here.


What happened this week?

On other note, I have been trying to keep a calendar or something and I realised that a kind of planner or some sort of organization would be really useful for me. I was using my personal planner but I think I need something separate. I have been searching for methods and stuff that would help me but if you could recommend me something that would be amazing!


Don't know why I'm in this kind of hiatus, getting into routine again is not easy.
In my blog is up my Week in Review #5 where I talk about everything (music,movies,tv show, blogging,books) that happened last week. Special mention: I went to Maroon 5 show!!!!
I also have my Jane Steele review, 4/5 stars for this gothic retelling of Jane Eyre. The link of my blog is in bio.
I would love to know your opinion:
Would you be interested in seeing a vlog, a post or not interested at all about my coloring book, a little chat and the process? Let me know in the comments just with a 'post' or 'vlog' or 'no interest'. You can also comment any other idea or suggestion, I highly appreciate your opinion!
What are you currently reading? I'm reading Borrowed Magic and really enjoying it! Hopefully on Thursday my review will be up on my blog. Also! I'm starting the second book in the Harry Potter series these days! The post about the first book will be up soon! 😃
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"Through all of living have much joy and laughter, life is to be enjoyed, not just endured"
-Gordon B. Hinckley
✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂ Hello everyone!
March has ended and my wrap up is now up in my blog (link in bio) + first quarter of the year recap!
Doing a small summary, in March:
•I read 8 books
•I read 2446 pages
•My average rating was: 4⭐ •Favorites of the month: Night Broken by Patricia Briggs and Future Shock by @elizabethbriggsbooks
•Surprises of the month: Birth of Hope by A.J Trevors and Borrowed Magic by @sharilambertbooks
•I have reviews for (from the books tead this month, in my blog):
-A Lost Legacy by @c.e.diamond
-On The Verge by Garen Glazier
-Jane Steele by @lyndsayfaye
-Borrowed Magic by @sherilambertbooks
-Birth of Hope by A.J Trevors
-Future Shock by @elizabethbriggsbooks
•In my discussion post I talked about Re-Reads
•I interviewed A.J Trevors, author of Birth of Hope.
✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂ That's it for this month!
How was your March?!
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