Week in Review #7

week banner 7

Hello everyone!

A new week is over and a busy one will start but it’s time for this little recap again!


I discovered this amazing song and voice yesterday and loved it! I haven’t heard all his songs but I definitely plan to. Let me know what you think!

TV Shows

OUTLANDEROUTLANDEROUTLANDER. I’m so happy the show is back! And I absolutely loved the first episode! SO good! If you haven’t watched this tv show you should check it out! Time travel, history and adventure!

The Magicians finished and there will be a second season! I really liked this show, more than I thought I would but the last episode… I liked it but it was kind of weird at some moments. It definitely has a cliff-hanger and we will see what happens with season 2.

Quantico. OMG that episode. Ahhh soooo good! I just love this tv show and I can’t wait to find out who is the ‘voice’. I must say that I’m a bit scared too!

Anyone watches Blindspot? I absolutely love this show but I’m in kind of a crisis. Because at the beginning I shipped one couple but now I ship other and I ship it SO much. Like everytime they are together I’m so happy and excited and scared and everything! If you watch this show let me know so we can discuss!


I’m currently buddy reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with Sara and reading Bad Romeo for the Blogger Bookclub month. I haven’t read a lot this month and the last two weeks will be full of tests so I don’t think I’ll do a lot more of reading.

Hopefully tomorrow I have my Genrethon wrap up!


Didn’t happen a lot this week. I just hope I can schedule some posts for next two weeks soon!


Any tip on how to get out of this awful, really really awful bookstagram slump?! I need some help!

Anyway, here is what I posted in Instagram this week:





Let me know about your week! What did you watch,listen or read?


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