Week in Review #8


Hello everyone!

Last week was such a busy one and lets not think of the one that will start! But lets do this short week in review!


Like 5 minutes ago I found this two songs I quite liked, have you heard any of them?

TV Shows

I’m trying to catch up with everything.

Quantico and Blindspot are still really good! I’m loving Stitchers! Can we talk about the amazing costumes and settings and story and actors and everything in Outlander? I haven’t watched the lastest episodes of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and The 100 but hopefully I can do that today.

I have been wanting to start something new but I barely have time to breath these weeks so I’m trying to keep up to day with the shows I already watch.


Last Sunday, after I posted my post I watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I have to say that I like the adaptations. I have heard many people saying they aren’t really good, but I like them. I feel like main plot points are there, they just didn’t add some other things that aren’t that important. And even phrases from the book are in the movie.

I think that yes, there might be better adaptations out there but there a lot more worse. (I have only read and then seen book-movie 1 and 2)


I don’t have time to read and that’s so bad! Ugh!

I finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban yesterday, because it was Saturday and I had some free time. Hopefully in May I start reading some review books and then some other books that I want.

I need to work on my reading challenges!


This is what happened:

My plan for next weekend is to write some post. Scheduling has been saving my life!


Still in slump…




Let me know how was your week! Any TV Show you would recommend me?


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