What has been going on?! | Week in Review

Hello everyone!
Today I’m here to do this kind of week in review more like what has happened and what will happen.

TV Shows

I finished season two of Stitchers (SO good guys you need to watch it!) and season three of The 100. I’m not sure how I feel about this, I like the series but at the same time I just feel it so different from the original idea, maybe it’s just me. It definitely finished with unsolved things for season 4.
Beauty and the Beast came back! I didn’t expect it because it almost got cancelled, the fans saved it and I’m so happy!! Just one episode and they already had someone trying to torture or kill them, nice.
Do you have any tv show rec? I would like to watch or some fantasy/dystopia or something with mafia.
In my holidays (just three weeks guys!!!) I want to watch season two of Daredevil, finish Downton Abbey and maybe start Black Sails or other tv show.


I have been watching some movies for my classes. I watched Matrix and really enjoyed it! I’m currently watching The Perfume, just in the beginning but not enjoying it as much, we will see.


I have been reading SO slow and I have so many books to review, it seems that I won’t finish the list ever. 😓 (Grateful for the books and worried I won’t ever read them,though it will happen)


This is the main thing of this post.
Last week my computer broke down 😢😢😢 If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen my crying tweets. I miss my baby so much 😢 That’s one of the reasons my number of posts might be smaller. The other reason is that this week and for the other two I’ll be having these really important tests I need to study for and that will take almost all my free time.
This year I have lots of extra activities and school it’s taking more time than other years, so I don’t have a lot of free time and when I have I try to read or watch series so I don’t get behind. This is not an easy year.
For all these reasons I haven’t been as active, I haven’t read lots of posts from other bloggers or reading as much as I would like.

Also! If you tagged me in anything and I haven´t done it yet, I have lost all tags because I had it in the favourites in my computer, which broke down. If you remember that you tagged me in something please let me know! And I´m sorry if I don´t do the tag you tagged me in!








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