Me Before You Movie Thoughts!

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Hello everyone!

I read Me Before You in the first week of 2015, when I found out there was going to be a movie I just had been waiting it and finally it came out! As you can see a year and a half since I read the book there are some things I don’t remember exactly though it’s a book that I loved so much.

Lets start with the settings. I loved them all sooo much! I just loved them! From the castle, the town, the beach, every landscape was so beautiful and I was like ‘wow’ such beautiful places in the world and I believe they used them so right.

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The characters were so well played. I loved them both. Emilia was Lou, with all her happiness, craziness and innocence. Thinking with all her heart sometimes forgetting some things but doing all her best.


Will was great too. You can see how he changes and how he starts enjoying a bit life again, how his mood changes and how Lou makes that happen.


The relationship between these two is slow, but intense and full of love. I loved them from the book and in the movie you see that, so I fell in love again.




I was surprised in a good way how fun the movie was. I didn’t remember that from the book, I mean, I remember Lou being fun but this was so sarcastic. Humour in a ‘sad’ movie.

*Warning: I read the book 1 year and half ago*

I think, from what I remember that the movie was quite loyal to the book. For the main things that happen and even the quotes from the book they said. Of course some stuff change but I think it was a good book to movie adaptation. (I might be wrong but that is what I remember)



That’s it for these movie thoughts. Have you watched it? Do you agree or not? Let me know!

I hope you enjoyed this!


4 respuestas a “Me Before You Movie Thoughts!

  1. I read the book a couple of days before the movie and I have to tell you that it was very close to the book. They even used the same lines. There were only a couple of details that weren’t in the movie and it didn’t really deviate from the main storyline … like they didn’t have Will’s sister, didn’t have the storyline of Will’s father cheating, and it didn’t have Lou’s storyline of the sexual assault. The movie was still really close to the book. Great movie thoughts!

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