Sing me a song of a lass that is gone… | Outlander Book Tag!


Hello everyone!

As you might know, Outlander Season 2 ends tonight with an amazing (I haven’t seen it but I already know this) episode finale. As I love Outlander I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do this tag.

This was created by Sasha from abookutopia.

1.You touch some standing stones and get transported back in time, what year would you hope to land in?

1850-60 because of the clothes! I just love the dresses! Not going that back, 1950 has some pretty amazing dresses too! Though, I’m not sure these are the best dates because of women positions, and place in society, but as I say this I have to say that there are always exceptions.

2. Claire is a very good nurse, what type of skill would you want to have that a fictional character excels at?

I would love to be able to fight and use different weapons like Celaena Sardothien or Kate Daniels.

3. Jamie and Claire are ultimate relationship goals, who is your favorite fictional couple?

I have said this a few times, but Reyes and Charley from Charley Davidson by Darynda Jones. I have other favourite couples, if you want to read a list you can go here.

4. The ending of outlander was shocking, what is one book you read that totally blew your mind?


5. Scotland has lots of castles and we see quite a few in Outlander, what fictional kingdom would you want as your own (castle included)?

Auranos or Limeros from Falling Kingdoms! (Great books, check them if you haven’t)

6. Outlander has some very steamy scenes, what is your favorite romance novel?

The first book that came to my mind is…


7. The Jacobite Rising is a huge plot point in the Outlander series, what book has your favorite battle in it?



These books have my favourite action scenes.

8. Jamie and Claire get married very unexpectedly, what fictional character would you want to marry on a whim?

Mmmm…. With Cristianno Gabbana from Mirame y Dispara series by Alessandra Neymar. (Psst, here is a list of my book boyfriends and being honest, I would marry with all of them 😉 )

9. Scotland is a beautiful place, what is one fictional world you would love to visit?

Okay, now that I’m getting into the Harry Potter world, I have to say Hogwarts. And this is the first time I give that answer!

10. If you could change the past, would you?

Nope. I wouldn’t. I believe everything is connected and how we live now is because of the past. We don’t live in a perfect world, I know that, but what if I change something and then everything is worse than now?

11.Tag somebody!

I tag Liam from Liam’s Library

Anyone who likes Outlander and want to do this!



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