I enjoyed this book but at the same time had some problems with it | Review: The Power of Nine: Mordant


51-6jxfhi7l-_sx324_bo1204203200_Darric, a merciless warlord on the planet Vard, has finally defeated his enemies, although the lengthy war has all but destroyed his own planet. He must rebuild and train an army strong enough to invade Earth before his own planet becomes completely barren. It will take decades of hard work to prepare, but if he can get his hands on ancient relics that can magnify his deadly power, he will be ready to attack sooner than anyone could imagine.

Mordant was born into slavery. She does her best to keep her head down and blend in, but she hides a dangerous secret; she has the colours of magic in her mind. If her masters find out about them, she will be killed. Soon her magic will become too strong to hide. She must control it, or die.

With the help of her mother and a rebel spy, Mordant is given the chance to escape. Suddenly swept up into politics and conflicts she barely has time to understand, she must master new skills as mage, sword-master and spy. But the more she learns, the more dangerous the missions become: somehow she must reach Earth and deliver the urgent warning that Darric and his ferocious army are gaining strength and getting ever closer to their goal.


*I was given a copy of this book in echange of a honest review*

3 estrellas y mediaI enjoyed this book but at the same time I had some problems with it.

The Writing:
This book has different POVs that changed without notice and that was a bit frustrating at the beginning.
It was also hard for me to get into the book and sometimes it was too slow that I got a bit bored. But I also think that was because this book has a lot of description that made evrything slower.
Through the middle of the book I got into it at all and I enjoyed it, some parts more than the others but that’s normal.

The Story:
I felt like this story is quite original and different.
First, the world. There are different universes, all copies of Earth as a theory says, and the mages can transport through portals. Each universe is quite different from the other and has its unique inhabitants, all different though they all share this magic and how it works.
I think this book tells the pre-war story.There is a lot of bloodshed and death, though this book doesn’t tells lots of battles or action. This can’t be considered as a romance book, because yes romance is there but it’s definitely not a main thing in the plot.
We follow the story of Mordant, since she is a child/teenager till now, a woman, a raash. This had a different note too because we always see the heroines when they have all their skills and are pretty amazing (lets be honest), but with Mordant we see her when she struggles since a teenager, how she learns different stuff that will all be her weapons, and then we see her as a heroine.
I think you could say this is a pre-war story with a heroine’s (badass raash) bio-story in process where romance is not main thing and though there is action there are not many action scenes.

The Characters:
•Mordant: I liked her. Didn’t love her tho. I could see her character development and her healing through the book. She has a difficult life but ends up as a strong warrior.
•Brett: I liked him, though he some times was impulsive. I think his character can add a lot to the story and to Mordant’s life.
•Idris: I wanted so much to read more of this character. I hoped he had more of a main role he didn’t and I was a bit disappointed. He seems like a great character, really interesting and I wanted to know more about him.
•Rolf and Kayman: Though I doubted their intentions at the eginning they turned out to be great teachers and trsutworthy friends. I think they can be a great guide and help each other too.

Overall, as I said at the beginning, I enjoyed this book but had some problems. It has an interesting world and idea, the characters can give a lot, I just think less decription and for me more action would be something nice to add.


Like all the best stories it is rich with deception, treachery and daring.


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