English Book Covers VS Spanish Book Covers! | Edition #1


Hello everyone!

I think is something not that unusual to see videos or posts that are US VS UK covers, te differences between them, which one is better than the other and all that stuff. I have to say that I quite enjoy them. The other day, walking on the street I saw in a bookstore a US book in the spanish edition and how the cover changed. That inspired this post!

What I’m basically going to do is show you an English cover and compare it to the Spanish cover, I will also tell you which one I prefer.

I hope you enjoy this post and lets start!

*These are just my opinions we might agree or not and I would love to discuss but remember that are just opinions*

Round 1:

sweet evil

Why did they have to add all that glitter? As this question says, I prefer the English edition. The misty woods make the people stand out as well as gives some air of mystery. In the Spanish edition all that gold and glitter is just too distracting for me, I think more of a Hollywood thing than what the book is really about. I’m also not sure about the fonts and the way ‘Dulce Mal’ looks. So, I’m definitely going with the English edition.

I quite enjoyed this book though I have read it a while ago. Maybe I should re-read it some time.

Round 2:obsidian

Well, this is a hard decision. Though I think none of these picture the book or would be a cover I like, the Spanish edition isn’t that bad. As much as I like this series and the characters *Daemon*, all the characters I think the cover is quite weird. On the other hand, in the Spanish edition I like the girl in the cover and I think all those circles remember me of light and yeah. I think this one goes for the Spanish edition…

Talking about the book, I think this one was one of my first YA series and I love it so much! (read it a few years ago too)

Round 3:


I thought these covers were the same and I wanted to show that we had some English covers too, but looking now you can see a small difference. Her dress/armour has some gold in the Spanish editing and the hair is a bit lighter. These are almost the same and it’s just a detail, but I think I like more the English edition just for the contrasts.

I read this book and really enjoyed it! I thankfully have been avoiding spoilers of ACOMAF and I hope it stays that way until I read it 🙂

Round 4:

mr mercedes

The English edition suggest much more blood and action than what the book really has. I definitely prefer the Spanish Edition, it makes me wonder why there is just a blue umbrella, makes everything mysterious and the weather just gives those emotions of suspense.

I didn’t enjoy this book a lot, and now I’m not in a rush to read other Stephen King book.

Round 5:


Last but not least this book. I prefer a lot more the English Edition. When I look at the Spanish one I just see a couple, some trees and snow and make me think of a romance book in a winter setting somewhere and some woods. When I look at the English one I see a woman who seems to be walking through something bad, and a lot of sky. I would say she looks kind of badass too.

About the book, I read this trilogy in the first week of 2015 and enjoyed it soo much, I think this is a highly recommended!


I really hope you enjoyed this post!!

Let me know which covers you prefer! Lets discuss! Have you read any of these?



8 respuestas a “English Book Covers VS Spanish Book Covers! | Edition #1

  1. Wow, this is so awesome! I never knew that book covers would differ country to country until now, so I’m still kind of mind blown.
    It’s weird that sometimes the Spanish covers make the book seem more light; whereas other times it makes the book more dark.
    For the first one, I liked the Spanish edition cover because it looks warmer…but then I didn’t read the book, so if the cover was not supposed to be warm, then I’d pick the English edition.
    For the second round, I liked the Spanish one, mainly because of the light circles/light reflections. Those things always get to me hehe, so I’m a little biased 😛
    I liked the English one for the 3rd one because the Spanish version of the girl looked a little too sharp.
    For the 4th round, it was a tie for me. The English one was a bit too gory for me (blood as raindrops was a bit scary); the Spanish one was a little too gloomy, but they both look intriguing.
    And finally, I liked the English one for the 5th round. I felt like the blue and yellow clashed in the Spanish edition, and I liked the starry night feel of the English edition
    Thanks for sharing this comparison of the different book covers of different countries~~

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Thank you for your comment! I’m really glad you enjoyed this post and thank you for taking the time to comment!
      I’m happy to see that we agree and disagree too! It’s great to know other opinions!
      I hope I can make of this a series to post from time to time, so hopefully you enjoy the others!

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. I really liked this post! You should do more of them. A few months ago I was wandering around a bookstore and saw the US and Spanish edition of The Summer I Turned Pretty and honestly the Spanish version looked a lot more interesting? Maybe cute is the word I’m looking for, but I wanted to read that book in English (also, the Spanish version was more expensive 😦 so… I always go for the cheapest hahaha).. For some books, the Spanish edition tends to be the same as the UK ones but not always. Another thing that bothers me a little is why the hell in my country they don’t sell a lot of hardbacks 😦 I’ve come to love and own a lot of mass market paperback because of this (but I want hardbacks) ^_^

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Thank you! That’s the plan (hopefully!)
      Ohh I’ll have to look at those covers…
      Yes, I know, I’m actually surprised when I see a hardback book, so the same as you and I usually tend for the cheapest too so I usually end buying paperbacks but I like them soo… 😀
      Thank you for the comment!

      Me gusta


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