I think this can be an enjoyable read | Review: The Rift (English)

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25834523The worst date in Vero’s life ends with the arrival of an injured man from another dimension who hands her a magic axe and tries to recruit her and her friends into a war she barely understands.

Which sounds like the exact opposite of how she wants to spend her senior year. Her cash-strapped family just moved to a rich town in California, and acclimating to her new surroundings was already tough enough.

Unfortunately, two soldiers from the other world know what she looks like and want her dead. In the small town of San Luis Obispo, it’s only a matter of time before they find her. She might have to fight, whether she wants to or not.

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*I was given a copy of this book in exchange of a honest review*

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Had some problems with it.

The Writing:
It is a fast easy read. This could easily be a one sit read, it’s really easy to read.
The writing was okay.
Most of the book is told from Vero’s POV, the prologue and epilogue are told from other characters.

The Story:
This book is really short and I think that didn’t give the chance to develop the world. I know it’s a first in a series, but I didn’t feel like the world was developed. I just felt like there had to be action, and this fight scene and just getting to that. I would have liked more depth into the whole story.
Let me be clear, I enjoyed it but I just felt that.
When I read it, it reminded me about superheroes in a way. They have these powers, train and fight against a threat.

The Characters:
I couldn’t connect with the characters, couldn’t identify with them though I still have some thoughts about them.
•Vero: I’m not sure if she is the canon popular girl, or the one who looks popular but then is good with everyone. Something I liked was that she had her own thoughts and opinions.
•Gloria: So, she is supposed to have a really important role that she will take in the future books I believe. I think she is one of the characters that might have a big character development though it doesn’t happen in this book.
•Neil: He was the classical addict gamer, or what I imagine. I just think that sometimes he needs someone to bring him down to Earth.
•Pieter: Again, I’m not sure about this guy. Okay, so he is the popular that gets well with everyone and all time is making jokes. He has some family issues and can be kind of serious if the situation requires. I just asked myself sometimes if he was an idiot or not, his ‘humor-all-time’ politic doesn’t match with my personality.

So, overall, I think this can be an enjoyable read, sure it’s an easy fast one. I hope if you give it a try you can connect better than I did (or did not).

About the author:

J.T. Stoll wrote his first fantasy story when he was five. The prose was… brilliant. The accompanying stick figure illustrations… breathtaking. The lack of complex vocabulary underlies the deeper human condition. It was terrible. His mother refuses to destroy the only copy be-cause it has “sentimental value.”

He has always loved fantastical stories of all kinds: fantasy novels, 16-bit RPGs, superhero movies, whatever. If reading helps to escape the real world, why not go somewhere fun?

J.T. lives in San Luis Obispo County in a classy bachelor pad. He enjoys rock climbing, software development, and cooking amazing food.

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