This is an interesting start to a series with a lot of mystery! | Review: Tompkin’s School

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29968124Izara Torvik thought her life was over the moment that her father sent her and her twin brother to a boarding school in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma. She soon discovers that the school is not as ordinary as she thought and finds herself thrown into a battle against her inner demons that only have one desire…the desire to kill.

Once my body stopped trembling, I picked myself up. It felt strange, my feet seemed to fall much lighter on the ground than normal. My head also felt a bit fuzzy. I turned and froze as I caught myself in the reflection of a full-length mirror. I glided forward to get a closer look. My eyelids had sunken into my skull and my eyes were red! I reached up to touch my pallid skin only to gawk at my hands. My fingernails had been replaced with dark, black claws.
“I’m a monster,” I hissed.
My eyes flashed up to meet my reflection once again and soon my clawed hands were the least of my worries. Two black, very large things were moving ever so slightly, blocking the reflection of the rest of the room. I looked over my shoulder to find large, black feathered, wings…

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*I was provided a copy of this book in exchange of a honest review*

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This is an interesting start to a series with a lot of mystery!

The Writing:
I quite enjoyed the writing!
We read from Izara’s POV all time but at the same time it didn’t felt that way.

The Story:
This story was much darker than I spected, much scarier if you want and mixed a bunch of things.
If you like:
•Demons/Angels stuff
•Story played between past and present being in both times
•Romance but not being the main thing
•Strong family relationship
Then I think this is for you because this book has all that.
I just think this is a book you need to discover and whatever I might say may be a hint of something.
I enjoyed the story, I thought it was quite original and I hope in next books we can see more of the world as well as understand everything more because the author left some mysteries to be solved…

The Characters:
•Izara: I liked her though she sometimes was too impulsive I liked her.
•Kain: He was I think the kind of mystery dark guy, moody that is good deep down but prefers to be alone. I liked him. He was more impulsiva than Izara sometimes but then roles would invert.
•I just want to say I love these brothers. They compliment each other so well, when one is being impulsive the other is the reasonable voice; they helped each other; they protected each other; it was just a great relationship. I really value how important it is for both characters and for the story.
•Lee: OMG! Can I have a Lee for myself? Such a sweet, intelligent, sexy pack! He was supportive and understanding. I just hope so so much that one day I find someone like him!
•Kia: I liked her,I’m not really fond of her but I don’t hate her.
•Chuck: He was frustrating, annoying and easy to hate!

Overall, I enjoyed this book, I enjoyed the characters though I don’t think they had a big character development; I enjoyed the story, thought it had many interesting line plots that I enjoyed; I would like to read more because I need to find out what happens!

Had we truly becoe the demons that hunted our dreams?

(I love this quote soo much! Definitely planning on doing something artsy with it!)

About the author:

Tabi Slick was born in Chanute, Kansas, and grew up in the country where she was homeschooled for the greater part of her childhood. In middle school, her family moved to Davis Oklahoma where she attended public school for several years. Here she began her writing adventure and soon the world of Tompkin’s Academy came to life. After graduating from high school in 2008, she spent a few years in Puerto Rico and wound up in Texas where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Texas at Arlington. She was born with an immense appreciation for literature and continues to dedicate her time to her passion of writing.


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