If you enjoyed The 5th Wave, I think you might enjoy this too + Reading Vlog | Review: Warrior (English)


22844442Mary Houston didn’t expect to come home late at night to see her entire neighborhood in shambles; doors ripped off their hinges, windows smashed, trash on lawns. Her mother and little brother have both been captured by people who call themselves Warriors, who train humans to become a part of The Platform for World War III.

In order to save herself from losing herself, she must make them believe that she is one of them.

She meets Xavier, who is set to train her one-on-one at The Shelter where she is staying with hundreds of other trainees. Without warning, she learns more about him than she is supposed to know while growing stronger and uncovering the hidden secrets within The Platform.

Can she survive while hiding her true self behind this mask, risking her entire life in the process?

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*I was given a copy of this book in exchange of a honest review*

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The Writing:
I had no problems with the writing. The book starts telling things from the past and different characters, that was confusing at the beginning but then it goes to the present and you understand better. It was a fast, easy read. It can be a one sitting book. It’s never dragged out.
I enjoyed reading from Mary’s POV but at the end just one scene or two from Xavier’s POV would have been nice.

The Story:
The story was good. As I said before it was never slow and I never got bored. It was quite interesting from the beginning with a dytopian world that has Warriors who want to ‘clean’ the planet.
I had quite a surprise with the story at some point. (view spoiler)
All the book happens in a week or two but it felt a lot more.
I didn’t feel like this has insta-love. I’m not sure it was slow burning but for me the romance was good. At the beginning I enjoyed the fast answers and challenges and then when they got more into their relationship, I enjoyed the romance.
My main problem in the story was at the end. I just felt something forced,not explained and really for me it just was imposed. (view spoiler)
But I also have to say that I enjoyed the end (not counting that ‘detail’) it was a good ending.

The Characters:
•Mary: At the beginning I didn’t like her that much. She was all time saying to herself ‘don’t show anything that can make them suspect’ and then she goes and talks to others and asks questions or shows emotions, when they didn’t do that! It was like was wanting to be discovered. But then I liked her and she was a good main character. She has character development. She develops her personality, becomes stronger, and a fighter, maybe even a leader but I think that she has a long way to go for that.
•Xavier: I liked him. Though at the beginning I was like ‘omg shut up’ I ended up really liking him. I’m not sure he has a character development, though I don’t mind that. I think he is a great help and support for Mary and she will need that.

Overall, for me it was a good book. I enjoyed it, fast, easy read. Have some problems but not too important.

If you enjoyed The 5th Wave, I think you might enjoy this too.

About the author:

My name is Heather and I have been reading and writing for as long as I can remember. I’ve written many short stories and Fanfiction before taking the plunge and attempting to self-publish my own novel titled At First Sight. After that, I decided to go a different route and publish a new novel with a new genre for the young adult audience. Warrior is my new YA series and is set to be published Summer 2016.

Besides being a writer, I am also a book blogger on Instagram and Youtube under the handle @ashelflife. I read both young adult and new adult fiction, normally fantasy or contemporary.



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