August TBR…what?


Hello everyone!

You might be surprised or didn’t realise, but I don’t do TBRs. I just don’t follow them since I’m a mood reader. But I’m…behind my challenges and it’s time to catch up. To do so I will just set some books for the month.

ALSO! If you want to recommend me please recommend me some books that would work for these challenges I’ll definitely appreciate them!

Dystopia Challenge:


I really want to read them, I have not heard any opinions but they have great ratings on Goodreads!

Horror Challenge:


I REALLY REALLY need book recommendations for this, it can be horror/mystery/thriller/suspense.

I will be reading Coraline this month.

Classics Challenge:


I have been wanting to read this for soo long! It’s time! And I’m joining Austentatious Book Club, the moderator is Zoe from readbyzoe. They will be reading one Jane Austen book per month, watching adaptations and all that fun stuff! It’s great for my challenge and I think I will enjoy it!


I’ll be reading other books as well but they won’t fit in any challenge other than my Goodreads one.

Have you read any of these?



10 respuestas a “August TBR…what?

  1. I absolutely LOVE Pride and Prejudice, it’s my favorite novel and the mini series adaptation with Colin Firth is the best! Hope you enjoy it, can’t wait to see your thoughts.
    As for the Sun Rising, I heard really good things but haven’t read it yet.
    Have a great week:)

    Me gusta

    1. I’m soo excited!! I’m going to start reading it today and I hope I can watch the adaptation you mention!
      I finished Sunset Rising yesterday, I haven’t written my review but I’ll be doing one. I think I’m going to give it a 4/5 stars. It made me think of THG and Under The Never Sky, I really enjoyed both of those trilogies.
      Have a great week too! 😀

      Me gusta


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