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Hello everyone! I recently finished the Sonar series and I thought of doing a little interview and then the idea of the guest post came up as well. I really hope you enjoy this!

ec18f9ce3e8807d389356d48c67ff7791. Where did your inspiration for this series come from?
 The inspiration for this series comes from several concepts. I’ve always had questions about the unknown galaxies. Then I began to wonder what would happen if alien beings, who fled to Earth for help, crash landed and lost their memories. Roswell and Dune were two Sci-fi entities that inspired this series.
2. Where did the inspiration for your characters come from?
The characters in The Sonar Series pretty much came from my imagination. As I wrote, the story showed me how the characters looked. I described them as I envisioned them in my head.
3. How was the process of writing this series?
 After I wrote book #1, Sonar The Crashing, I wondered about what happened to Bryan’s love interest, Melanie. She was only a side character in book #1, but affected the story in a tremendous way. I also questioned what happened to her. So I came up with ideas for Melanie’s story, when I realized it wasn’t over. Book # 1.5, Melanie’s Evanescent Journey is a Stand alone that ties into book #1 & 2. Melanie’s story helped me to fill in the middle of book #2, Sonar The Cyclone. Finally, I finished the series with the final installment, Sonar The Surge.
2ec66-sonar-the-surge4. Any favorite characters?
        Lol. That’s hard to decide because with writing this series for 7 years, I feel like I’m a part of their family. I do have characters that I like somewhat more. As for the girls, Shiray is my favorite. Probably because she is the first woman character that I developed. I also like Shiray’s courage and strength.
Her cousin, Symone is a close 2nd. I like that Symone is not afraid to stand up for herself and furthermore, because she’s a kick-ass heroine.
     247ba-sonarthecrashingFor the guys, Nile is my favorite. Him being a smart aleck made it fun to be inside his head. I also learned that underneath all that smack Nile talks, he has a big heart.
Bryan is a close 2nd, for my favorite guy. I created him to be as how I envisoned my dream man.
5. Favorite thing about being an author?
     There are 2 things that I enjoy best about being an author. The first, I’ve always had a passion for writing stories. I get a thrill out of creating them. I also love getting honest feedback from my readers.
Now it’s time to know about you!
6. Recommend us some books!
    12578077 Some recommendations of my favorite books are: The Lux Series by: Jennifer Armentrout.
     The Beautiful Disaster Series by: Jamie McGuire.
     The Dark Hunter Series by: Sherrilyn Kenyon.
     For any who like steamy Romance/Erotica, then I recommend the 50 Shades Series. And for Sci-fi, The Kindred Series.
     Though I’m not big on Erotic, The Kindred Series is probably the funniest and more creative series that I have read.
7. Hardcover, softcover, paperback or ebook? And why!
  I do like traditional paperbacks.That is how books originated after all. But I have gotten spoiled with reading on an Ereader. I can read in the dark or adjust the font and lighting. Now I find it hard to read paper backs. My preference is ebook.
8. Favorite season?
     My favorite season is winter. I’m a heavy sweater, so me and the heat get along horribly. Lol. Especially in Houston, TX.
9.Favorite tv shows (or movies if you don’t watch tv shows)?
     My favorite TV shows that no longer air were Roswell and True Blood. The shows that still air are: Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time, Scandal, The 100, and Shadow Hunters.
My favorite movie is: The Twilight Saga.
Breaking Dawn is my favorite book and movie out of the five in the series.
And the Dune Saga.
9861963_orig10.One place (be it fictional or not) that you really want to go?
     I would love to visit Egypt. It’s definitely on my bucket list. That country has always fascinated me. I also used different concepts from Egypt in my Sonar Series.

The Romeland’s Character Cocktails

By: B Truly

    On Kadan, there’s no need for fermentation. The berries are potent with natural liquor that comes straight from the berry. The natural intoxicating berries, are picked right off the bushes. They grow in scant areas around Kadan, but are abundant it Napata. These berries grow best in darkness—a trait Napata is well-known for. They come in varieties of sweet and tart, to tangy and bitter. Then they are mixed with yeast and hops, or various different fruit flavors to enhance the taste.

  —->Syira Romeland

red-wine-largeFavorite Cocktail: Thasian Interstellar

 This popular drink is a sweet tasting red wine made from the fierce Thasian berry.

   —->Kadeem Romeland

Favorite Cocktail: Bonet Scintillate

 This is a light tasting Ale made from the Bonet berry.

 —->Shiray Romeland

Favorite Cocktail: Thasian Nova

  This flavorful wine cocktail is concocted from the popular Thasian. It’s mixed with strawberry and peach juices for a fantastic taste.

 beer-intro   —->Bryan Romeland  

Favorite Cocktail: Milasion Lager

  This is a strong beer made from potent Milasion.

    —->Nile Romeland 

Favorite Cocktail: Milasion Blast

  This cocktail is a combination of the potent Milasion and Bonet berry. The fruits are mixed together with pineapple and grape juices. This makes for the ultimate taste.

    —->Symone Romeland

Favorite Cocktail: Thasian Eclipsed

   This sweet tasting beer is created from the potent Thasian berry.

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Well, that’s all! A bit long but I hope you enjoyed it anyway!

Thank you B. Truly for the interview and guest post!! If you want to check her out here is her Goodreads page.


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