Suicide Squad Movie Thoughts!


Hello everyone!

After a long time of excitement and anticipating Suicide Squad I watched it.


I think I had really really high expectations and maybe the movie didn’t feel that good though it was good.

4 movie

I first liked to see the past of the characters. I’m slowly getting into DC’s and Marvel’s world so I don’t know a lot of the characters of any of those empires. So, for me was really great that part. I think the one that surprised me the most was Harley Quinn’s past. I just couldn’t believe she was normal once and such a complex profession, so intelligent and she ended up like that because she fell in love, not with an X person, with the Joker himself.


The Joker was scary. Like really crazy scary. Deadshot was the reasonable voice and I liked that. Harley was crazy and added a bit of sarcastic humour here and there. Katana was there. She had an emotional scene but not much more and didn’t play a main role.


The Enchantress was quite creepy too but soo interesting. I just loved the idea of her being a god (if I understood right) and how she now sees the human race. She is not important or treated as a god and she wants to end the human race because of that. Her brother was just a destructive weapon, but she had a whole character. Also the transformation between the Enchantress and June Moore was great to see.


The character I enjoyed the most was El Diablo. The idea of the fire being inside him was pretty cool but just his character. I liked the Spanish background he had, that painful past and the idea that he didn’t want to hurt people anymore. SPOILER     And he died as a hero too.

Talking about the story, it was okay, nothing too great in my opinion. A crazy god that wants revenge and destroy the worls because she is not treated as a god by the human race. The Suicide Squad saving the world and at the end a cute sweet moment.

Overall for me it was a good movie. I have no reference and can’t compare with anything, I’m just writing this as a first, newbie watcher and to the characters.


Favourite songs from the soundtrack:


Have you seen Suicide Squad? Did you enjoy it?


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