Stranger Things: What happens with the one time.

Stranger Things WALLPAPER

99 out of 100 times when a kid goes missing, he’s with a parent or relative. This is a story about the other time.

Hello everyone!

I’m going to tell you a small story. When this came out, I saw that had happened but gave no second thought about starting and left it like that. A week or less later lot of people were raving about how good this was and I decided to give this an opportunity.

Stranger Things:

  • 1 Season
  • 8 Episodes: 45-50 min each one

At the beginning I wasn’t very impressed by this but I then got quite intrigued and that made me watch everything as I started enjoying this more and more.

One of the best things in this for me was the characters. There are many main characters, or many important characters that have their own part. It’s not all about one character. Other thing I really enjoyed is that the main group is of kids, usually we see teenagers in that kind of role going for the unknown in a very creepy story. But not in this one and that was a great change.


Other thing I really enjoyed were the actors. All of them but I think one of the best was Winona Ryde’s role as Joyce, the mother. She was so good, I just felt her desperation, sadness, her strength, everything.


The story was great. The conspiracy, mystery mixed with thriller and scary bits was great. I usually don’t watch these kind of things, sci-fi with scary but I really enjoyed this one.

I know it’s not much but I don’t want to give any spoiler because this is a discovery every chapter. Just new things and slowly understanding the story.

The young innocent first love that happens in the story was so sweet and just great to see, thought it had its ups and downs and rough moments. It was different from what we are used to see.


Eleven was amazing. Her powers and her peronality. She has a great impact in some lives and becomes very important for some characters and for the story in general. She was very hurt but she wasn’t scared of getting attached. She also was honest and that was important in some parts.

Overall, it was a surprise for me how much I enjoyed this series since it’s not something I usually watch.



Have you seen this show? What do you think? Do you plan watching it?




8 respuestas a “Stranger Things: What happens with the one time.

  1. I’ve been meaning to watch this show for quite some time now but I’m afraid I MIGHT not like it so I’m putting it off. However, based on how you pitched the show for me via this post, it seems like I’ll like, if not, love it! Great post, dear! 🙂

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