The Harry Potter Book Tag!


Hello everyone!

Some time ago I was tagged by Liam from Liam’s Library to do this tag (thank you!), and I was waiting to do it until I had read all the books. Since that happened I think it’s time to do this tag.

flagrate29065483A Book You Found Interesting But Would Like To Rewrite


You can find my review of this book here.

I had high expectations for this book and I think the idea was great but I didn’t like how it developed, it didn’t work for me so I would like someone to rewrite (because I wouldn’t do it, it’s not my thing 🙈)


17826184The First Book In A Series That Got You Hooked

When I read this I loved it. I need to continue this series.






A Book You Wish You Could Have Right Now

So, today (9/19/2016) I finished A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas. And I need the third one. I’m not saying anything more.


A Killer Book



This whole series is really good. But the 6 and 7 books are amazing.






13450339A Book That You Found Really Confusing

This book was…good, but confusing. The world is really complex, the idea of the world but amazing at the same time. I really need to continue this series.





Your Spirit Animal Book

As I have said before, I finished today ACOMAF, I have all the feels and I’m fangirling a lot so I say ACOMAF. But I’m not sure of my Spirit Animal Book.


A Dark Twisted Book

The Dark Fever series by Karen Marie Moning is quite dark and it has some twisted moments too, I recommend this series if you like urban fantasy books. (It’s AMAZING)


A Book That Surprised You In A Great Way, Revealed To Be More Than It Is



This series was so good, I didn’t expect that. I supposed this would be a contemporary/romance maybe erotica book and just that, and yes I won’t lie it is that, but it is more. I enjoyed this trilogy a lot and I want to reread it in the future.





Sara from Freadom Library (my Potter Challenge partner!)

Since this is a HP tag and maybe has been a while out there I’m not sure who hasn’t done it. I’m tagging anyone who wants to do it!


Have you read any of the book mentioned? Have you read Harry Potter?


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