Am I leaving Bookstagram? | Chatting


Hello everyone!

Today I finally decided to write about something that has been in my mind for a while but I haven’t talked about it in depth and I just feel it’s time to do so.

Today I’m talking about my bookstagram.

Story time!

I have been part of the bookstagram community for two or more years. I don’t remember when I started and I didn’t keep track. I know it started as my personal acc, I don’t remember how I started bookstagramming but I suppose it happened as my love for books and my interest in the community grew. Then I thought about a name, I don’t remember how but I ended up being @perfectioninbooks That is the name and the account that mainly started everything. I have kept that name, it’s in my blog, my tumblr, my pinterest, my twitter, everything book related has that name. The bookstagram community also got me into other platforms and one of the main things it gave me: love for photography.

Basically that is the start and the development of my story but back in June/July of 2015 I had this big trip. My phone didn’t allow to download the Instagram app so I didn’t post for about 20 days. Since that moment I haven’t been able to post constantly.

I think some of my feelings got in the way. I saw these amazing pictures and mine weren’t as pretty. My account didn’t grow and slowly it was harder to post. I couldn’t think of captions, ideas, original photos. I was stuck. I know we always say ‘don’t compare yourself with others’ and I know that’s what we should do: don’t compare. But at least I do. I try to avoid it, I know I’m my own person, not other and I’m so grateful of that. But I ended up comparing.

I admire many accounts because there are some amazing bookstagram accounts, such beautiful photos and creativity. It’s quite amazing to see.

I couldn’t develop a style, or at least a theme. I don’t feel my phothos improved that much, I know I improved but still.

Sometime ago I thought I was fully back, that I would post again, have captions and all that stuff. And I did, for 5 days I think. Since I have been posting 1,2 or with luck 3 times a week. I just don’t ‘feel’ it anymore.

That led me into thinking: maybe it’s time I take some time off, just not posting, not forcing it. Just be someone who opens the IG app whenever I want, like, comment and enjoy others acc without any pressure. I started my IG very young, and now I’m not the same person. I have lived different things, I have learned and experienced. Maybe my bookstagram experience needs to get some rest or maybe it’s over. Maybe I need to try new things.

I don’t think my problem is book photography because I have been taking photos. I just seem unable to post them in IG.

As much as it scares me, and makes me sad I think I might be leaving the bookstagram comunity for a while or at all, I’m not even sure about that. I know many people have been joining and I’m so happy about that. But as all communities: people come and go.

I’m so grateful with bookstagram, as I have mentioned, it gave me so many things. It taught me and gave me passions. Maybe I will try new things.

Thank you for reading all these thoughts (this post that was longer than I expected), and if you have suggestions for things I should try related to book photography please don’t hesitate to tell me. I’m definitely into photography and book photography but who knows what the future holds? It’s time to start a new phase.



5 thoughts on “Am I leaving Bookstagram? | Chatting

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us. I can definitely relate to this. I just start trying again on bookstagram, and as I said “again”, I mean I’ve done it once & ended up deleted everything 😅 It’s seriously nerve-wracking to see so many talented people in the bookstagram community, & I guess the “followers pressure” is easier to have on instagram since you can see it easier than wordpress/blog/website. I’m so sorry you are feeling this, but I hope you’ll find the inspiration to continue again & become the SUPERB LORD of bookstagram… ahem, I mean become successful. And then you can give me shoutout so I can become known too!!!! (I’m joking… I’m joking… haha 😂)

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