My first Austen Journey: Pride and Prejudice (Part 1)


Hello everyone!

As you may know (or not) I’m part of the Austentatious book club, created by Zoe from readbyzoe on youtube. I have my own classics challenge but, being honest, I wasn’t reading classics. I had been wanting to read Pride and Prejudice for so long…And then this book club appeared so I decided to join. Actually, this is the first thime I actively join a book club and I’m soo happy!

Short story: I read the book, fell in love with it and Jane Austen so I had to watch the tv show and the movie (that was part of the movie nights of the book club)

This will be a series of post that will have my thoughts on the book, the movie and the tv show. Hope you enjoy!

18300267First published in 1813, “Pride and Prejudice,” Jane Austen’s witty comedy of manners – one of the most popular novels of all time – tells the story of Mr and Mrs Bennet’s five unmarried daughters after the rich and eligible Mr Bingley and his status-conscious friend, Mr Darcy, have moved into their neighbourhood. “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.” So begins the novel, that features splendidly civilized sparring between the proud Mr. Darcy and the prejudiced Elizabeth Bennet as they play out their spirited courtship in a series of eighteenth-century drawing-room intrigues.


4 estrellas y media

*4.3/5 stars*

I finished this! I can’t believe I did it!
I finally read the famous Pride and Prejudice!

Okay so I’m just going to randomly write my thoughts, not my usual structure.
This was so easy and fast to read. I thought I would have to almost fight to read this but it was just so entertaining and again easy that I just wanted to continue it until I finished it. If all Jane Austen’s books are like these, I’m going to enjoy them so much.
I was reading, quietly, having a good time, then I realised I just had ten pages. TEN pages. I just started freaking out and saying, ‘No, it can’t end. It’s too soon. I want more’ And all that was so true. But on the other hand, I know I will reread it in the future, that I’ll dive into the story again and I will enjoy it.
Last year in my literature class we had a ‘classic’ year because all the assigned reads are classics. The first thing we did is to define a classic and basically we said that a book is a classic when the situation, settings, or problems are relatable in the present day, it will continue happening. This is one of those. I get why it’s a classic. The situation it presents it’s true to the present day, yes, there are some things that have changed, but have we changed a lot?
Also, I think there are a lot of critics and descriptions about the society at that time and now. For example, how we change opinions and thoughts about people easily, forgetting the past just because someone did something. I just felt like there are lots of things like that. This is the first time I have read this so maybe I haven’t seen them all or right. I think in a re-read, reading it more slowly, maybe more in depth I can see clearly this.
I just also need to add that I think this book has a lot to teach about people, reactions, chances, thoughts. Things that we still need to learn.
Other thing I kept remembering myself and couldn’t believe is that this was written in the 1800s, Jane Austen was a genious.
The story was enjoyable. I liked the twists I couldn’t see coming and the way the story develops.
Talking a bit about the characters:
Jane: omg, she frustrated me SO much. Like stop. I just can’t.
Darcy: I think I can see why some people love him that much. But right now I don’t. That doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. Let’s face two things: I’m a 2000s girl, I like the romance and the passion some books present, the sexy flirt I read. And this is not that. But it’s logic it isn’t because the society in that time would have been horrified. Secondly, I think if I ever fall in love with Darcy, it will be something like his love with Elizabeth. It won’t happen fast. Not at first, second or third maybe. It will be a slow process, a slow romance. Maybe I’m excited for that.
I liked how we change our feelings and perspective of him. He is almost the devil in person at the beginning but then you realise not everything is as we think at first.
Bingley: He was so nice! Though he was easily persuaded he is a good person.
Elizabeth: I liked her. Though she was a black or white girl she learns that there are grays. Not everything is what we think at first. She also helped as much as she could. She was intelligent, with strong mind and opinions and stood for them.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I will re-read it and I think everytime I will do that I will discover new things, I will fall in love a bit more and enjoy it a lot.


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