My first Austen Journey: Pride and Prejudice (Part 2)


Hello everyone!

Welcome to part two of my Pride and Prejudice journey! Today I’ll share with you my movie thoughts!

As you may know (or not) I’m part of the Austentatious book club, created by Zoe from readbyzoe on youtube. I have my own classics challenge but, being honest, I wasn’t reading classics. I had been wanting to read Pride and Prejudice for so long…And then this book club appeared so I decided to join. Actually, this is the first thime I actively join a book club and I’m soo happy!

Short story: I read the book, fell in love with it and Jane Austen so I had to watch the tv show and the movie (that was part of the movie nights of the book club)

This will be a series of post that will have my thoughts on the book, the movie and the tv show. Hope you enjoy!

Here is the first part where I review and let all my thoughts of the book go wild 😉


I love lists so… why we don’t make it one?

Movie Thoughts!

  1. I didn’t like Bingley, I saw him too like a fool
  2. I liked Mrs Bennet, insufferable like in the book
  3. This scene is great in the book and seeing it was 😍giphy1large
  4. I could see quotes from the book 👌
  5. Collins: I imagined him more old and bald (but maybe I was projecting my feelings) anyway I liked it because I couldn’t stand him, like in the book.
  6. Georgiana Darcy: I saw her too outgoing when in the book for me she was so shy that almost didn’t speak with anyone. However I undertsand the change and how you have to show that she cares for Darcy and Elizabeth.
  7. The hug between Georgiana and Darcy was so sweet and showed real affection.
  8. Wickham: It wasn’t pictured as important in the story as I would have liked but I liked how the character was represented.
  9. Darcy’s letter explaining things was as I imagined.
  10. Elizabeth’s aunt and uncle didn’t appear as much as I would have liked
  11. The aunt who reveals the truth of Darcy in Lydia’s wedding didn’t, Lydia herself explains Darcy being there.
  12. Mr Hurst and his wife don’t appear but Caroline Bingley does.
  13. Catherine de Bourgh was as despicable as in the book.
  14. Catherine and Elizabth argument was as I imagined.
  15. This moment was a surprise, but a good one. That detail that is omgg tumblr_nogj1wzqcq1tek6yeo3_400
  16. The story kept the most important parts. Yes, there were some changes but it’s a movie of two hours, they can’t keep the whole book. For me, it wasn’t a bad adaptation. I definitely enjoyed this movie!

And for fun I’m leaving these gifs:










Let me know: Have you seen this movie? What do you think? Agree or diagree with me?



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