My first Austen Journey: Pride and Prejudice (Part 3)


Hello everyone!

Welcome to the last part of my Pride and Prejudice posts! Today I want to share with you my tv show thoughts. This is the mini series of 6 episodes form 1995.

As you may know (or not) I’m part of the Austentatious book club, created by Zoe from readbyzoe on youtube. I have my own classics challenge but, being honest, I wasn’t reading classics. I had been wanting to read Pride and Prejudice for so long…And then this book club appeared so I decided to join. Actually, this is the first thime I actively join a book club and I’m soo happy!

Short story: I read the book, fell in love with it and Jane Austen so I had to watch the tv show and the movie (that was part of the movie nights of the book club)

This will be a series of post that will have my thoughts on the book, the movie and the tv show. Hope you enjoy!


I will make some lists of thoughts as in my moview thoughts and I will try to devide them per episode. Take something to drink/eat and relax because this might be a long post 😉

Mini Series Thoughts

Episode 1:

  1. Darcy’s attitude was great, so indifferent
  2. Bingley looks like a very good person but not like a fool (something I thought on the movie)
  3. We see Mr Hurst and Bingley’s sisters, which are odious
  4. It was evident that one of Bingley’s sister was interested in Darcy and how she tried to have his attention humiliating others (which happens in the book)
  5. Darcy mentions Eliza’s eyes! It’s the first thing he admits finds attractive and that leads to everything else. We also saw how this was used by Caroline Bingley to make fun of Darcy and Elizabeth.giphy10
  6. We could see Mr Bennet disdain towards his daughters and his preference for Eliza and Jane
  7. I really liked how Mrs Bennet was portrayed, I couldn’t stand her. And her nerves!
  8. I would have liked to see more clearly Eliza’s annoyance towards Darcy.

Episode 2:

  1. We are introduced to Collins, hateful, flatterer person.
  2. Mrs Bennet and Lydia with their attitude embarasses the rest of the faimily
  3. Wickham was older than I expected but he was very direct with his opinions about Darcy and Georgiana, thing that happens in the book.
  4. First dance between Darcy and Eliza, we can see that they don’t like each other 😏tumblr_o4dubugeee1u760n4o1_540
  5. Mary shows how she tries to impress everyone with her talent and piano.
  6. Collins makes his proposal very similar to the book and we can see his obsesssion with Catherine de Bourgh. Plus he is a bad dancer just like in the book.
  7. We see Mr Bennet quote about choosing one parent over the other because of Collins proposal.

Episode 3:

  1. Charlotte is engaged with Mr Collins, sad but at least he is not bothering.
  2. Bingley is gone and Jane receives the letter that ‘explain’ things. This happens like in the book.
  3. Mrs Bennet is so upset because Charlotte will be the next lady of the house. (Like in the book)
  4. We meet the aunt and uncle, they take Jane to the city and we see some scenes from her time there.
  5. Elizabeth goes with Charlotte’s sister and father to visit her and Collins.
  6. Wickham goes after Miss King
  7. Jane invites Bingley sisters but they let her know they don’t want to see her and the visits are short. Jane doesn’t believe in their friendship anymore.anigif_optimized-20081-1442597348-1
  8. Eliza, Charlotte, Collins are invited to dinner in the big house, with Lady Catherine. There Lady Catherine shows she disapproves that Eliza says what she thinks (Go Eliza!)
  9. Coronel Fitzwilliams is just as I imagined him! And he also tells Eliza how Darcy toook part in Bingley and Jane’s separation. He also enjoys how Eliza and Darcy let the other know their opinion.
  10. It was so easy to see the internal fight and stress that Mr Darcy goes through when he proposes to Eliza. We see how he goes against what he believes is right, how difficult is  that. His proposal is quite offensive and Eliza says no. This is the moment when she let him know that she knows about Wickham and Bingley/Jane

Episode 4:

  1. I liked how Eliza and Darcy remembered their words again, how they hurt.
  2. Darcy’s letter was like in the book. Something I know some people don’t like but I did, is that Darcy ‘reads’ part of the letter as he writes it and the other is Eliza who reads it.
  3. It was great to see Wickham’s past.
  4. Lydia goes to Brighton although Eliza tried to stop that.
  5. Eliza goes with their aunt and uncle to Derbyshire and visits Pemberley.
  6. We can see how the housekeeper talks great things about Mr Darcy and bad things about Wickham
  7. This wasn’t in the book but it was so good to see Darcy swimming in the lake 👌giphy8
  8. It was clear Darcy’s change. It was so good.

Episode 5&6:

  1. We saw moments from Lydia and Wickham’s wedding, their life before that moment. I liked that.
  2. Here, as in the book, is the aunt who through a letter tells Eliza the truth about Darcy’s intervention in Lydia’s wedding.
  3. We saw Darcy telling Bingley what he did with Jane and all that and he is forgiven. That was great to see too, how their friendship is strong.
  4. Catherine de Bourgh and Eliza’s argument was great, how they felt offended.
  5. It was good to see how Mr Bennet didn’t believe the rumors about Eliza and Darcy’s wedding and how that hurt Eliza, because she cared and wanted that.
  6. I expected a bit more reaction from Darcy, when he asks again about marriage and Eliza accepts.giphy9
  7. The double wedding was a fun good idea.

Overall, this was more faithful to the book, but this lasts 6 hours and the movie just two. Anyway this had some changes but I enjoyed it very much.


Let me know: Have you seen this tv series? What do you think? Agree or diagree with me? Movie or tv show?



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